DXN Life Magazine Europe – Issue 16, 2018

DXN Life Magazine Europe – Issue 16, 2018

Read and enjoy the 13th issue of
DXN Life Magazine Europe

DXN Life Magazine Europe

The content of the 16th issue of DXN Life Magazine Europe Edition:

  • Welcome letter from Dato’ Dr. Lim Siow Jin – Rapid growth continues in DXN 2018 marks DXN’s silver jubilee since its establishment in 1993. Countless transformations and innovations have been made by DXN throughout our members in their pursuit of better health and life.
  • The Latin American recipe of success: an interview with Mr. Prajith Pavithran The responses I got from the European leaders are pretty much the same that we received in the Latin American market. Both the regions have amazing leaders and great talents.
  • Ten years, ten facts and a Factory: the secrets of a CA for your immediate growth. The most important feeling is that 10 years ago we made the right decision. We had to face numerous challenges during these 10 years and we are still facing them and probably it will be like this also in the future, but it was worth it.
  • 25 years of One World One Market 25 years ago a humble man’s dream came true and a company was launched. Back then, many people didn’t believe in him, but his vision, mission and hard work got his company into the top list of the MLM companies and into the heart of millions of networkers worldwide.
    Here you can watch the official video:
  • Let the game begin! The 25th European DXN Leadership Camp On a sunny and hot summer day of July, the main European and international leaders and the most motivated business builders got together at the very particular location of Hotel X-Bionic Sphere. You can read my post about this camp here: https://dxnganodermacoffee.us/dxn-leadership-camp/6-european-dxn-leadership-camp-slovakia-2018
  • Jane is back to Europe! Interview with the DXN’s top Ganotherapy consultant – Jane Yau is a passionate health counselor, an expert ganotherapy consultant, a reliable sponsor, a successful businesswoman but also an incredible human being with a big heart.
  • The new home of DXN Spain – DXN Spain moved to a bigger and brighter space in Madrid.
  • DXN products, DXN Car Incentive program, DXN qualifiers and many more…

    You can read the 16th issue of DXN Life Magazine Europe – Issue 16 here: http://dxnlife.eu/2018-16/

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DXN Life News European Edition – Issue 13

DXN Life News European Edition – Issue 13

Read and enjoy the 13th issue of DXN Life News European Edition 

DXN Life News European Edition

The content of the 13th issue of DXN Life News European Edition:

  • Welcome letter from Dato’ Dr. Lim Siow JinThe DXN philosophy of “One World One Market”, keeps us united as 1 BIG family so let the remarkable success of the DXN family inspire and encourage you to do better. Be proud of all that you’ve achieved so far and always remember that your hard effort is the best investment for a bright future in DXN!
  • Interview with Crown Ambassador Santosh Deokar Mr. Santosh
    Deokar comes from India, who recently made it to the highest level of business. Let his success story inspire you!
  • Interview with Paola and Carlo Rovelli
  • The I. European Summit and the V. European Leadership Camp – Read more about the happy DXN moments>>>
  • Mr. HC Teoh’s European Tour
  • 1st DXN Italy Family Day
  • Korean Agreement
  • Crown Ambassador László Kócsó in Italy – The main steps to take are creating our very own motivation, having the  maximum commitment, creating a strategy, preparing our own presentation, working in an organized  and coherent way. It is also important to control our work and follow up our prospects, because the worst thing that can happen to a networker is talk to someone, receive a “no”, stop following up that prospect and then 2 or 3 years after seeing him or her receiving a Diamond pin on stage but as someone else’s downline.
  • DXN Mexico 10th Anniversary – Ten years changing livesTen years might look easy, but in reality it is a long and difficult journey. For DXN Mexico, this 10 years’ Anniversary Celebration means the beginning of a new level that promises a very bright future for everyone. It also represents the spirit and the passion of our Mexican DXN families, who during this journey were able to touch thousands of lives.
  • DXN Products
  • Car Incentive Program Read more about this program here >>>
  • 300 PPV Club 2017
  • Register new DXN member now!
  • Qualified members from Europe 
  • Visit Malaysia – Read more about this promotion here>>>


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DXN Interview with us in the DXN Life Magazine

DXN Interview with us in the DXN Life Magazine

DXN Interview with us in the DXN Life Magazine
DXN interview

You can read it here: http://dxnlife.eu/2017-12/#p=8

“For us, being a part of DXN means that we participate in something bigger than ourselves, in the dreams and success of other people. With DXN we discovered another way of entrepreneurship in which you can reach your dream lifestyle without taking any risks, by using your skills, creativity and time and by helping others to reach their goals.”  Judit&István Faragó

The content of the DXN Life Magazine Issue 12:

  • Welcome letter from Dato’ Dr. Lim Siow Jin: “One World One Market”;the world is
    the platform wherever and whoever you are. In DXN, there is only one kind of people;
    the financial, health and time FREEDOM people. DXN is now one of the strongest and fastest growing MLM companies in the industry, with more than 6 million members, 180 countries and 70 DXN branches worldwide. We are making progress while creating a worldwide stage for our members to realize their DREAMS. You are part of the strong DXN global network because through your hard effort,DXN who started small, is now the World’s Largest Ganoderma company.
  • Interview with József Katona: DXN is growing stronger and stronger in Europe and the proof of it is the appointment of Mr. József Katona as the Regional Coordinator for the European Region. He is also the Country Manager of Hungary and started his work with DXN on March 1, 2017. 
  • Interview with Judit Faragóné Keserű and István Faragó – The successful DXN Triple Diamond Couple from Hungary. They are reaching higher and higher statuses at the speed of light.
  • Interview with Mr. HC Teoh
  • The Road to DXNmazing
  • A grand transformation
  • Interview with Sebastiano Caruso
  • Motivation for success!
  • Success and motivation in London
  • DXN Products
  • DXN Car Incentive Program
  • 300 PPV Club 2017
  • Qualified DXN members from Europe

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DXN Life Magazine Issue 10

DXN Life Magazine Issue 10

DXN Life Magazine Issue 10 – European Edition

DXN Life Magazine - Issue 10

The content of the DXN Life Magazine Issue 10:

  • Welcome letter from Dato’ Dr. Lim Siow Jin: In this competitive and challenging business environment, DXN is aware of the importance of technology to let DXN members stay connected and continuously expand the network around the world, so we will continue to upgrade and invest in our people, branches, and technology to expand our market leadership.
  • The Spanish DXN boom: Interview with Andrea Papp: Spain is one of the biggest markets for DXN and we can really say that it exploded like a bomb. And it all began with the desire of a young mother to work from home. We are so proud of her, our successful Spanish diamond. You can find her homepages here: http://cafeganodermadxn.es/ and http://ganostar.es/
  • Dr. Lim’s Visit to Germany: Dato‘ Dr. Lim Siow Jin visited Europe in October and he gave two Ganotheraphy sessions in Germany. The interest and participation were high, the Germans are willing to learn more about how to improve their health.
  • Dr. Lim in Turkey: In October Dr. Lim visited Turkey again to award the successful business builders and to teach the Turkish people about Ganotheraphy.
  • The Car Incentive Program is now active in Europe: : In October the Car Incentive Program was officially launched in Europe. To introduce this brand new motivating incentive we talked to Mr. Jijith NK, DXN’s International Marketing Director. I also write about this, you can find it here>>>
  • DXN Seminar in Slovakia It’s been a long-awaited gathering for the Slovak DXN Leaders. Every year they come together to celebrate the joy of health, wealth and happiness within DXN Slovakia Family.
  • The II. Anniversary of DXN Spain. On September 17th they celebrated the Second Anniversary of DXN Spain in Madrid. Being two years old is a very special moment in the life of every person, since, let’s say, you have just started to take your first steps, but now you start walking more safely and quickly in life.
  • 5 years of DXN in Greece On October 15th, in a very beautiful 5 Star Hotel in Thessaloniki, DXN Greece celebrated its 5th anniversary with a successful event.
  • Celebrate the Colours of LifeDXN Malaysia celebrated its 23rd year of great achievements on 16th Oct 2016. More than 2,000 distributors participated in this 23rd Anniversary event with the theme of “Celebrate the Colours of Life”.
  • All about success: the III. Hungarian Business Builders’ DayIn order to be a good networker you have to continuously train yourself. There are always new strategies to learn, new ideas to share and new stories to inspire you.
  • DXN Products
  • 300 PPV Club 2016
  • Qualified members from Europe

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Online DXN News

Online DXN News

Online DXN News
in the 9th issue of DXN Life Magazine European Edition

online DXN news

The content of the 9th issue of DXN Life EU Magazine:

  • Welcome letter from Dato’ Dr. Lim Siow Jin “It is a very great year for DXN! We are expanding to more than 180 countries worldwide and our big family consists of more than 6 million members, and it is increasing daily. We are also having huge development and progress in China; our future is never limited and we are realising our BIG dream together with all your effort and contribution.
  • Interview with Crown Ambassador Mr. Sophon Tasara Mr. Sophon is the first Crown Ambassador of Thailand and he has been doing this business since 2000. 16 years later, he is still passionately working in DXN with his family and training his future Crown Ambassadors!
  • Interview with Greek Triple Diamond Giorgos Koutalas Mr. Koutalas is surely one of the most passionate DXN business builders. We had the chance to hear the story of his passion and success live at the IV. European Leadership Camp in Italy. Now it’s time to learn more details about his DXN life!
  • 4th Family Day in Slovakia The day we all had been waiting for – 23rd of July 2016 – Slovak Family Day. The place of choice was Sebedražie in the middle of Slovakia. A picturesque serene place with many small ponds full of fishes green lush vegetation.
  • The VIII. Hungarian Family Day Get together with your family and other DXN families, bake and taste healthy and delicious pastries and cakes, participate in funny games and laugh with the others: this is what a DXN Family Day is about!
  • DXN Colombia’s III. Anniversary We couldn’t miss sharing the story and the pictures of DXN Colombia’s 3rd anniversary, a clear demostration of the fact that DXN is best global business opportunity!
  • Slovak Tasting Project DXN products belong among the products of every day usage. Our ambition is to show our members, how is it possible to use the DXN products daily – for cooking and baking, for personal hygiene, and as cosmetics.
  • László Kócsó CA in Poland 
  • DXN presentation in London
  • DXN and me
  • DXN Product Focus: DXN Maca Vita Café, Cordypine and Aloe V Aqua Gel
  • Qualified members from Europe – We are there too, as new EDD. hurrayedddxn
  • 300 PPV Club 2016.
  • International DXN Life moments
  • 5th anniversary DXN Greece

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DXN Life EU Magazine – Issue 8

DXN Life EU Magazine – Issue 8

DXN Life EU Magazine – Issue 8

DXN Life EU Magazine


The content of the 8th issue of DXN Life EU Magazine:

  • Welcome Letter From Dato’ Dr. Lim Siow Jin:“This is an exciting time to be with DXN. We sustain the growth and enable progress around the globe. YOU are the one making DXN proudly standing on the top of the world in time to come!
  • Exclusive interview with Dato’ Dr. Lim Siow Jin
  • Interview with Mr. Jijith NK “Have you ever imagined being always on the road between four continents, different cultures, different time zones, countless languages and various business styles? Well, this is part of what Mr. Jijith NK, DXN’s International Marketing Director does. In this interview he is going to share interesting details about his life with us, as well as exciting news for our market!
  • A DXN WOW Factor: the IV. European Leadership CampIn DXN you very often feel like this business is WOW and it becomes your number one passion. The motto of the IV. European Leadership Camp was “Share your passion”
  • DXN Business Builders’ Day in Hungary 
  • DXN business building in Sweden
  • The grand opening of the Turkish market: On May 22, 2016 DXN officially opened the Turkish market with an unforgettable event. People arrived from all parts of the country and as Dr. Lim said it was more like an anniversary than an opening event!
  • Dr. Rajesh Savera’s Slovakian Tour:May is the month of love and it has been also the month of special trainings for DXN Slovakia. Dr. Rajesh Savera, an Ayurveda physician, psychotherapist and counselor from India, who also happens to be the international wellness trainer for DXN honoured us with his presence.
  • DXN Products
  • 300 PPV Club 2016
  • Qualified members from Europe
  • II Anniversary DXN Spain

Read and download the DXN Life EU Magazine 8th issue here: