New DXN Crown Ambassador in the sky of DXN

New DXN Crown Ambassador in the sky of DXN

New DXN Crown Ambassador
Congratulations to Fatemi Ghani, the first DXN Crown Ambassador of the Gulf

New DXN Crown Ambassador

It was just turned to 2017, and the first good news was what I saw on the Facebook, that a great DXN mentor, trainer, and coach finally reached the highest level, the top of DXN. Fatemi Ghani is the new DXN Crown Ambassador.

Here you can watch how do they celebrate this great event:

You can watch his DXN Success Story here:

Our first meeting with Fatemi Ghani was in 1. June, 2013 in Hungary. He held a presentation about his DXN success story and success tips. He arrived with his wife.

When will be our next meetings?


Mr. Fatemi Ghani’s message for all DXN members, including European business builders, is: “to become professional and invest time, money and effort in learning about network marketing. DXN is much more than money. If the business is done right, money keeps flowing. Our purpose is to reach out to many people with the intention of helping them.

 “You can get everything you want in life, if you will just help enough other people get what they want.”  Zig Ziglar


Mr. Fatemi Ghani also writes a book: Map Your Freedom, which is a practical step by step guide for both new and struggling networkers. He wrote about the systems which can help networkers achieve their financial freedom. Most important, the book has been written keeping in view the DXN system and plan.

I also have a dedicated book from the first edition. I learn from this book too.

You can read more about his book on this link:


Who can become DXN Crown Ambassador?
New DXN Crown Ambassador (CA) is a DXN Star Diamond who sponsors 20 Star Diamonds

We are in this way too. We already have 6 DXN Star Diamonds, so we are DXN Triple Diamonds. We enjoy this great journey and help more and more teammates of ours to reach their goals.

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The First Latin American DXN Crown Ambassador

The First Latin American DXN Crown Ambassador

The First Latin American DXN Crown Ambassador: Rafael Diaz

Latin American DXN Crown Ambassador Rafael Diaz

Rafael Diaz is the First Hispanic Crown Ambassador of America.
He joined to DXN in October 2002 because of his health. Within the first 30 days of using the products, he began to witness amazing results within his body, so since that very moment has not stopped promoting health and the excellence of Ganoderma, which is what DXN is all about.

“That the success in a networking business doesn’t depend only on me but on the entire team’s work, because this is a business in which people help people and it was very important to put this into practice.”
Rafael Diaz, The First Latin American DXN Crown Ambassador

We had the opportunity to meet him and get know his success story and pieces of advice at the European Leadership Camp by the Lake of Garda in 24-26. June, 2016. It was great to meet with him personally, and get to know his vision, what we are part of it too.

Latin American DXN Crown Ambassador in Europe

When we celebrate the 25th Anniversary of DXN in Malaysia in 2018, it will be an unforgettable day for every single member and there will be new DXN Crown Ambassadors there. Now we have more than 2 years for this to reach this level, and help our teammates as well.

“I can assure you that the best decision was joining DXN and with all these years of experience that I have I can assure you that DXN is a real lifestyle and that we sell solutions and not illusions. Stay focused on the success of your team which is going to be also your success. Never let anyone or anything take away your dreams.”
Rafael Diaz, The First Latin American DXN Crown Ambassador

Read more about Rafael Diaz, The First Latin American DXN Crown Ambassador here:
DXN Success Story:
Interview in the DXN Life Magazine:

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