How can you register into DXN Europe System?

How can you register into DXN Europe System?

Registration into the DXN Europe System

I congratulate you on your decision to take the first step.
This way, not only can you purchase DXN products cheaper, but you also have the opportunity to build your
own, perhaps even international business.

DXN does not make a distinction between the registrations of consumers, returning customers and business builders.
To what extent you utilize the opportunities that lie in your registration only depends on you, your own decisions, your own goals.

Beside your own goals and motivations, whom you choose to become your sponsor, your mentor may also be an important factor. Their help, guidance and experience is what you can rely on alongside your own work. The links in the following description lead you to our own pages, thus if you wish, we can be the ones you can turn to for answers to your questions, and the ones you can rely on henceforward.

Following the registration, any DXN member living in Europe can have a brown DXN coffee webpage and webshop for free in 18 languages used in Europe. Three of its subpages are customizable; my story, the blog and contact page, and the owner of website box. (On an international level outside of Europe a different homepage system is used by DXN.)

DXN Europe System

– The warehousing, packaging, logistics and delivery of products is managed by local DXN offices or the European central DXN office, this is not your task and you do not have to do anything with this, but the commission fee after each delivery is credited to your account – after your consumption, and after the commerce of your team (those joining to you and to your team members).

You can begin building your DXN business with little financial investment through a base account. Your real initial investment is the effort you put into building your business.

Basic registration:
19.2 EUR registration fee + the purchase of at least one of any product.
This also entitles you to the distributor price, the registration folder and the online web office; with educational materials, webpage and webshop order options and for building your business as well.

Register DXN Europe System online:
By accepting the deed of association >>>
Then on to product purchase >>>
This is completed through the registration combined with the first product purchase.

However, if you wish to gain more product experience right at the beginning, and you can allocate a tad lager sum of money, purchasing certain product package(s) will not only make registration free, but will also provide further discounts.

Familiarize with these registration options:
The most economical solution is registration with DXN DSP packages (DXN Dynamic Start Program).
This way, not only registration is free, but you can use
110% (in case of DSP C and C1 packages)
130% (incase of DSP B and B1 packages), or even
150% (in case of DSP A and A1 packages) of the value of the package as 10% discount coupons in your further purchases.
More information about DXN DSP kits:

DXN DSP Kits in DXN Europe System

Beside the base registration and DSPs, there is an additional discount registration option:
DXN discount packages are available until 31. of December 2015.
You can choose from three different packages based on your purchase at 1 bill:
1. Mixed products 300 PPV discount package – discount 10 % + SV = – 36%.
Available just for new registered members who:
a/ register by branch/service centre and purchase 300 PPV immediately.
b/ register online and it will be as purchase 300PPV within 30days.

They get starter kit for free (without products)!

You can utilize these discounts as an already registered member in case of larger value purchases.
2. Mixed products 500 PPV discount package – discount 10 % + SV = – 35 %

3. Mixed products 1000 PPV discount package – discount 15 % + SV = – 45 %
Only for orders from these countries:

Note: Not possible to combine with other discounts or promotion.


Following the online registration and payments, products are delivered through runner service center and you get access to the closed online web office and the DXN intranet.

DXN offices send the products to you and register into the DXN Europe system, they make the adminsitration.
Our job, if we are your sponsor, to send you all the information, answer your questions, and help you step by step for your DXN success.

dxn europe system map

How do products arrive in case of specific countries?

Official DXN offices have opened in Europe:
Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, Spain, Italy, Germany, Bulgaria, Greece, Ukraine (for more information of each country choose a flag at the top of this DXN website).

Official DXN offices have not yet opened in these countries, but the delivery is managed by the European center in Slovakia.
Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Croatia, Ireland, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Latvia, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Sweden, Slovenia, Switzerland, Estonia, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Norway, Iceland, Moldova

Those countries, which are not part of the European and the Custom Union, you need to pay customs, but you can buy the products ex VAT.

DXN online registration in DXN Europe System >>>

DXN order >>>

Take advantage of the opportunities that lie in DXN:
– You can build your business worldwide and you can have international income.
– You can build your own online international business for which we provide a vast amount of free online tools and aid.
– There are more than 6,000,000 registered DXN members worldwide, but only 70,000 in Europe. Do you see the great opportunity for growth? You can be among the first!

Take the first step on the way to DXN success! Join DXN Europe System now!

Join to us now here worldwide!
Our DXN Sponsor ID code is: 310007879 – Click on: New Register from the Menu—–>

If you are already a DXN member and you move to Europe, you could have brown DXN webpage too.
Please get in touch with the Slovakian office: Alena Karlíková  and send an e-mail to:
Attached is the form needed for data change, including address.
The best prove is ID card.

DXN UK Office has been open

DXN UK Office has been open

There are some changes, for the newest information, please click here:

These are old info below, please click the link above ⬆

DXN UK Service Centre has been open  in Swindon

If you would like to be a DXN member and join DXN from the UK, just fill out this registration form here (this means that we will be your sponsor):

Then place an order here:
Same DXN UK homepages are available for all European DXN Members – just order it from the intranet.

The office is based at the address: 33 Morris Str, Swindon, Wiltshire, SN2 2HU.

The official contact person of the DXN UK Office is: Dr. Varga Miklós Sándor
His phone number: 07809868569
His E-mail address:

DXNUKDXNLondonDXNEnglandIf you are already a DXN Member:

The INTRANET  has been set  specially for UK members and you can find it at the address:     (you can use the same username and password as before).

Please, visit this link if you want to place the order with the delivery place in the UK.
At this link, you can set your order in GBP currency.


DXN products shipping fee: 
– If you place the order in the amount of 200 GBP and more, the courier cost is free.
– In the case of the order in the amount below 200 GBP, the courier cost charged is 7,99 GBP.

From November 6th, 2015, the courier costs for the courier deliveries in the UK, for one individual package, are set as follows:

  • weight below 2 kg: 4,40 GBP,
  • if the weight is over 2 kg and also the amount is below 200 GBP: 7,99 GBP,
  • if the amount is over 200 GBP: courier free.

Delivery time usually: one day with Royal Mail 1st class, but over  2 kg packages they use MyHermes, which could take 5 days, but usually 2-3 days. (Sometimes they send the products with Parcelforce or UPS too.)

The way of payment are :  
– By bank transfer: Barclays Bank
Acc; Homeo Hun Ltd
Bank code: 20-50-82
Bank account: 83082970
– By Paypal:
We prepare for you also the option of payment via Credit Card.

For those who wish to purchase in person in London DXN UK Service Centre, of course, they can visit the office, but please, make an appointment before visiting on phone number 07809868569.
This will ensure that you are given the service you need and the required products are in stock.

There is a great new opportunity that DXN is in the UK now – Meet this exotic coffee and Ganoderma lucidum (also known as Reishi or Lingzhi) consumed by more than 6,000,000 people worldwide today, known and consumed by more and more people in Europe day by day and now in the UK too.

If you are already a DXN member, and you want to order from the UK, just read this.

Join us now worldwide here! 

DXN Austria Branch Office opened

DXN Austria Branch Office opened

We are pleased to announce the opening of the new DXN branch office in Austria from 1st May 2014 onwards.

DXN is fully committed to putting in much more effort in providing great services to DXN distributors in terms of product purchase, member registration and conducting business meetings in the local DXN office.

I have wonderful team-mates, who live and work in Austria (Österreich).

If you would like to have great DXN sponsors in Austria, who speak German, English and Hungarian, who know a lot about DXN products, the DXN online system, and about online marketing. they would be a good choice.

Csilla Bojtos-Sváb and Zoltán Bojtos:

German DXN homepage:  (AT) (DE)

English DXN homepage:

Hungarian DXN homepage:

They are our great friends. very creative persons, and helping people.

Csilla and Zoli was there, at the Opening Ceremony of DXN Austria, 5. May, 2014.


You are welcome to visit  DXN Austria branch and do feel free to contact  for more information as per the details stated below :

DXN International Austria GmbH
Kreuzgasse 51/16,
A-1180 Vienna,

Tel : +43-(0)1-9074969,
Mobile: +43-(0)699-17108273
E-Mail :
Contact Person : Mr Daniel Hisao Kato (

Join DXN from Austria –