DXN Romania – a great opportunity to change your life

DXN Romania – a great opportunity to change your life

DXN Romania – Find your success!

dxn romania

DXN Romania

  • DXN has been in the market since 1993, with its base of operations, plantations, and factories located in Malaysia.
  • It has been present in Europe since 2009, as in Romania.

In 2014:
DXN has 6.000.000 members worldwide.
DXN has 70.000 members from Europe.
DXN has 1.000 members from Romania.

Could you see the huge further potential?

Would you like to be part of this success? DXN in Romania!

We have this video also in Romanian:

We utilize the opportunities presented by the web:

  • Complete webshop – full of quality DXN products the delivery of which is conducted by centers, and the order verification and confirmation are conducted automatically.
  • Education system: videos, audio files, webinars, and personal consultations.
  • You can access your DXN business anywhere in the world, not just in Romania

Only one thing is missing for DXN Romania’s success – this is YOU! A great leader of DXN Romania.

We look for team leaders who would happily be among the first to spread the word about DXN and its products in Romania and are willing to take the challenges for the later benefits, so as to build up DXN on the Romanian market with their help.

How can you take the first step?
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The local DXN product service center is opened, and DXN products are supplied from the DXN Main Office in Romania.

DXN Romania Office – DXN Marketing S.R.L.
530210 Miercurea Ciuc, B-dul Timisoarei, nr.10.
Hargita County, Romania
Monday – Friday: 10:00 – 18:00
Contact person:
Miklós Melinda
tel: +40-748-624298

e-mail: romania@dxneurope.eu

Official DXN Romania Facebook page: DXN Marketing SRL

DXN Romania price list – 1st January 2024

Plant the seeds so that they may burst into fruitful life!

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