Say hello to freedom with DXN

Say hello to freedom with DXN !

Say hello to freedom with DXN

One of the primary slogans of us is “ Say hello to freedom with DXN !”

As Dr. Lim, the founder of DXN puts it:

“Through DXN we may reach complete freedom, because the following conditions can be met:

  • We can be healthy
  • We can live in financial safety and financial independence
  • We have sufficient free time, which we can dedicate to what truly matters to us, what we truly love.
  • We can constantly grow, develop, expand our skills, and become what we always wanted to be, and create true value.”

Throughout the past years, I managed to work from home with the help of DYN, I manage my time, naturally adjusting to the agenda of my children, because right now, they are number one priority.

Still, it is not easy to stand your ground in all fields.

Work from home online with DXN

Duties regarding our DXN business:

  • Consultations with team mates, leaders, sponsors.
  • Informing those who are interested, commencing new registrations.
  • Maintaining sites and pages.
  • Personal meetings/conventions.
  • Preparing educational material.
  • Travels, conventions, events – recording them in photo and video formats; processing recordings
  • Reading learning, professional and business books – in English as well, furthermore watching and listening to video and video materials.

I dreamed of having some help, to whom I can outsource certain tasks, and it just so happened that my husband also became a full time DXN entrepreneur.

And now we enjoy our freedom. It is incredible how our lives changed in a mere five years. I am deeply grateful to those who took part in this.

Can you imagine what it’s like to be absolutely free?

  • You don’t have to go to the office. You decide when and where you go.
  • We can take the children to and from school.
  • We can participate in any of their events. We don’t have to go in and work from seven, the whole family may wake up together.
  • We schedule vacations based on school-time, not work agenda.
  • We can go have lunch together, or sometimes go and watch a movie, and we can work out together regularly… and these don’t necessarily have to just be scheduled for the evening, after work.
  • We no longer have to ask for permission to leave for any travel or event.
  • We make multiples of what we would if we both worked at a traditional company in a traditional job, and the majority of this income is passive and ever growing.


Naturally that does not mean that from now on our life is about nothing but fun and entertainment, because we have great plans with DXN, on how to develop our business as best we can, how to aid our team mates as best we can…

I will still continue doing the online tasks, as I still love and enjoy doing it so much.

But we will be more open to personal consultations, meetings as well.

An interesting journey began, which will be full not only of wonderful experiences, but with much work and effort as well, however the results and the prize is also extraordinary.

But what matters more is that not only the results satisfy us and make us happy, but also the road we take to get there and how we take that road; how we get there.

I’ll walk down the road with you too! >>>