Read and enjoy the 13th issue of DXN Life News European Edition 

DXN Life News European Edition

The content of the 13th issue of DXN Life News European Edition:

  • Welcome letter from Dato’ Dr. Lim Siow JinThe DXN philosophy of “One World One Market”, keeps us united as 1 BIG family so let the remarkable success of the DXN family inspire and encourage you to do better. Be proud of all that you’ve achieved so far and always remember that your hard effort is the best investment for a bright future in DXN!
  • Interview with Crown Ambassador Santosh Deokar Mr. Santosh
    Deokar comes from India, who recently made it to the highest level of business. Let his success story inspire you!
  • Interview with Paola and Carlo Rovelli
  • The I. European Summit and the V. European Leadership Camp – Read more about the happy DXN moments>>>
  • Mr. HC Teoh’s European Tour
  • 1st DXN Italy Family Day
  • Korean Agreement
  • Crown Ambassador László Kócsó in Italy – The main steps to take are creating our very own motivation, having the  maximum commitment, creating a strategy, preparing our own presentation, working in an organized  and coherent way. It is also important to control our work and follow up our prospects, because the worst thing that can happen to a networker is talk to someone, receive a “no”, stop following up that prospect and then 2 or 3 years after seeing him or her receiving a Diamond pin on stage but as someone else’s downline.
  • DXN Mexico 10th Anniversary – Ten years changing livesTen years might look easy, but in reality it is a long and difficult journey. For DXN Mexico, this 10 years’ Anniversary Celebration means the beginning of a new level that promises a very bright future for everyone. It also represents the spirit and the passion of our Mexican DXN families, who during this journey were able to touch thousands of lives.
  • DXN Products
  • Car Incentive Program Read more about this program here >>>
  • 300 PPV Club 2017
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  • Qualified members from Europe 
  • Visit Malaysia – Read more about this promotion here>>>


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