Good morning DXN!

On this page you will find information about:

  • what to do if you have any questions about DXN – products, business, or system,
  • when should you get in touch with me
  • DXN offices contact details.

We know and feel that DXN is a big family – we get to know many DXN members from all over the world – sometimes just online, sometimes we can meet personally too on international DXN events.

What to do if you have any questions and want to contact a DXN leader?

DXN Contact FAQ

First, you need to think about this:

  • Is she/he your sponsor, is she/he in your sponsor line?
  • Could you ask this question from the DXN office?
  • Do you want to just chitchat, just say hi, just have a small conversation about how is everything going, or you have a serious and important question about DXN and nobody else can help?

It depends on where you live, or where you want to build your business, you can get in touch with the local offices for the valid pricelist, registration, and order details.


Global network

There are also official Facebook pages, where you can find news, information,
and videos of each country.
If you live in these countries or you have team-members from there,
you should follow these pages to have all the information that you and your team need.

DXN Contact FAQ of the e-mail conversation:

1.To DXN offices
You can find the e-mail address of each office on the official DXN websites – and you can send them an e-mail with your questions. (Like valid price list, order, and registration process. bonus details, opening hours, local training.)

2. To a DXN leader
If you know the e-mail address of your DXN sponsor, you can get in touch with her/him. It’s always good that there is someone who helps and supports us down this road.

If you join us, or any of our team-mates, please feel free to send us an e-mail.
Our contact details:
We are ready to help you and answer your questions.

Email converstaion
Facebook Messenger

DXN Contact FAQ of the Facebook messenger:

You can send messages on Facebook.
If you send a message to a personal profile – it’s better if you are friends on Facebook, because if you are not, maybe she/he can not see your message, but usually, they got a notice about it, and they need to approve it.

If you send a friend request to somebody on Facebook, you should send them a message too, how do you know them, why do you want to be their friend. And you also need to understand, that some person uses their personal profile for personal relationships, and not for business. But you can follow their business page.

This is the same for me. You can follow me here on my Business Page:

If you send a message to a business page – what is your reason?
Do you have an important question, what nobody else can answer? Or is this about chitchat, say hi, and nothing more?

Please understand that there are humans behind business pages – they need time for their team, to develop their business, and also need time for their family and for themselves. They have online business time, online personal time, and real life. So you can have new friends online, but this should be based on reciprocity.

If you are already a DXN member please do not forget that many DXN offices have their own official Facebook Page, so sometimes it’s better to ask them.

If you are not yet a member, it’s good if you get in touch with that member, who you want to join, and you can figure out if she/he will be a good sponsor, mentor, and she/he can help you in many things.

DXN Contact FAQ with comments:

You can write comments to blog posts, to Facebook posts, and to Live Facebook videos. Usually, the admin of the website or the Facebook page gives a public response or they can send back a private message.

If you will be a big leader in DXN, and there will be hundreds and thousands in your team, you will see you need to control your time, and how deep you answer all the questions – in your team and from other lines.

It so good if you have a training system and good tools, like videos – what can answer many questions, and all you need to do, just show them to others. It saves time. But personal consultations are also important – with those members, who deserve your business time.

If you have live training and you get many questions – you can answer there too. Some presenters answer just those questions, what is fit to the topic of her/his presentation.

Hope you understand all this.

If you want to use my help – you can join here:

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