8. European DXN Leadership Camp in Turkey

8. European DXN Leadership Camp in Turkey

The European DXN Leadership Camp will be held again this year.

The location is the fabulous Turkey – Antalya, where everyone can recharge their batteries with professional information and energy.

8. European DXN Leadership Camp

Time: 2022. október 21-24.

Place: Antalya, Turkey

Hotel: Sherwood Exclusive Kemer

Participation fee: 300 EUR

The participation fee includes accommodation (3 nights in a double room), a full board program, and transfer from/to the airport in Antalya to/from the hotel.
The price does not include travel costs to Turkey and back.

The speakers of the 8. European DXN Leadership Camp:

  • Kócsó László Crown Ambassador from Europe
  • Pedro Apaza Crown Ambassador from Peru
  • Jamal Al-Masadi Crown Ambassador from the Middle East
  • Osler Sto Tomas ESCD from the Philippines
  • Hassan Saeed Al Katheri from the UAE
  • Dr. Asma Munir TD Gynecologist, Ganotherapist, Health Coach
  • Prajith Pavithran Chief Marketing Office
  • Jijith NK International Marketing Director
  • Luis Santana Country Manager of Spain, Portugal and France

In Europe, the camp is free (excluding air tickets) when you complete the following promotion.

Promotion period: 1 July – 30 September 2022 (3 months)

Promotion conditions:

  • 1000 PPV own purchase during the promotion period (3 months)
  • Minimum 5 direct registrations (min. 100 PPV) during the promotion period (3 months)
  • minimum 2.000 PGPV during the promotion period (3 months), including own purchase (min. 1000 PV) and 5 new direct registrations (min. 5 x 100 PV).

Terms & Conditions:

  1. This Promotion is opened only to the distributors registered in Europe.
  2. Only the newly recruited members and PV made in Europe will be considered for this promotion.
  3. The Promotion is opened and effective from 1st July 2022 until 30th September 2022 
  4. Qualifier under this promotion will be entitled to one (1) entrance ticket worth EUR300 to European Leadership Camp which is going to be held in Turkey. This entrance ticket is without point value (PV) and sales value (SV) and it is not exchangeable for cash or with any other products/items regardless of during or after the Promotion Period. It also does not include any flight ticket to the venue of the camp.
  5. The maximum qualifiers for this promotion shall be limited to the top-ranked 120 members who have the highest PPV and PGPV among all the members who have fulfilled the conditions of this promotion from Europe.
  6. If you want to know all the details, just let me know.

We welcome everyone who wants to learn and develop in a magical place, among fantastic people!

Here you can watch the official video of the 8. European DXN Leadership Camp in Turkey:

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6. European DXN Leadership Camp Slovakia 2018

6. European DXN Leadership Camp Slovakia 2018

Here you can find the highlights of the 

6. European DXN Leadership Camp Slovakia 2018

Hotel X-Bionic Sphere was an amazing place for this: “Discover a place where the combination of luxury, pleasant atmosphere and breath-taking energy is an absolute must. X-BIONIC® HOTEL will satisfy the needs of every visitor from athletes, professional teams, and families with children to visitors of conferences, exhibitions, and congresses. ” Website of the hotel   We could experience this.

DXN has been in Europe for more than 9 years. We enjoy the blessings what the DXN products and this business have brought into our life.
We feel, that together we can do a miracle!
The slogan of this camp was: Let the game begin!

The master of Ceremony was Dr. Rajesh Savera  Lifestyle Coach and Ayurveda Physician.
Here you can watch the beginning of the 6. European DXN Leadership Camp with the European Flags. 

The program of the 6. European DXN Leadership Camp Slovakia 2018 – Day 1

  • Opening speech from Jijith NK, the International Marketing Director of DXN
  • We could hear the message of Dr. Lim – the CEO of DXN – to the European DXN members. And we could also buy this new book: “My journey with DXN.
  • The European Regional Coordinator, Mr. Katona spoke about “How to grow in Europe?”.
  • Finally, we could listen 3 European DXN leaders about their DXN stories and their business strategy.

As always I made short videos, to capture these great moments and share it with others. This is my video about Day 1:

After dinner, we got together in the hall. Speaking about new strategies, share our feelings and we drank the daily Morinzhi with Laszlo Kocso. https://youtu.be/-e1OcvSBV14

The program of the 6. European DXN Leadership Camp Slovakia 2018 – Day 2.

We started this day with a Zen meditation with Dr. Lim, and then we had a great breakfast. 

We had a great presentation from Huda Tahmaz Gold Diamond from Jordan. She spoke about her success story and the keys of success.
Then HC Teoh, Chief Marketing Officer spoke about the new DXN products and cosmetics.

Here you can watch all these great moments in this video:

In the afternoon there were water activities and competition between the groups of each nation. This part was full of with fun

In the evening we made group photos in the sunset at the big metal horse, and we had a great gala dinner full of with surprises. And imagine who wins in the competition? Of course our group!

The program of the 6. European DXN Leadership Camp Slovakia 2018 – Day 3.

Edilia Garcia the first Latin American Woman DXN Crown Ambassador shared her journey to the TOP with pleasure. I really loved her presentation and I am so happy that there were more woman speakers at this event.

Then I had a speech, and I spoke about: What does it mean to be a DXN leader?
Everyone wants to become a successful DXN leader, because of the advantages. Thanks to DXN we can take part in wonderful trips every year. We have time and money, for those people and activity that are really important for us, so we can live a truly free life.
Is this true? Yes, most of it. It’s a part of it, but this is not the whole picture.

Leadership has to be undertaken as a conscious decision. Only because you have downlines, you won’t be a leader. You need to improve continuously in many areas. It’s very important to improve professional skills, such as in network marketing skills, communication, and online marketing.
But the only way for you to become a successful leader is to become a better person and to take care of your self-development, as much as your leadership skills.
And we deep dived into the DXN leader’s different shades. (You can watch it with English and Hungarian subtitles too.)

After my speech, there was a birthday celebration of a Hungarian Gold Diamond lady, and then other European DXN leaders and Prajith Pavithran, the Regional President of American Regio gave us inspiration. You can watch these great moments in this video:

Many of the leaders go home after the camp, but I stayed there with my family for one more night. During the evening walking, we meet with Mr. Jijith and Mr. Prajith, and I had the opportunity to record this message to the European leaders: 

We had an amazing great time together. Thank you so much for all the organizers, participants, and everybody, who take part in this.
Meet you at the next camp!
Let’s play that game!

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