DXN for Morocco and Lybia

DXN for Morocco and Lybia

The DXN family gives a helping hand to the victims of the earthquake in Morocco and the flood in Libya.

By now, you’ve likely heard of the catastrophic events that unfolded in North Africa in early September.

A 6.8-magnitude earthquake rattled Morocco on September 8, followed by a dam failure in Libya on September 11. Thousands of people died, and even more were missing and lost their homes.

I had watched several YouTube videos of both disasters and the horrors that happened there are unimaginable. What the people there had to go through was terrible, they suffered enormous losses.

The Lingering Crisis:
The victims of these disasters not only had to cope with the immediate trauma but are now grappling with an array of challenges. Infections are spreading, supplies of essential goods, including food and clean drinking water, are dwindling, and access to healthcare remains a significant concern. The burden on the affected communities continues to grow, and their path to recovery appears long and arduous.

DXN seeks DXN members’ generous donations for the victims in Morocco & Libya. DXN will contribute the amount equivalent to
the donation collected. This is our social responsibility.
1. DXN only accepts bonus deductions; cash and other methods of donation are not accepted.
2. DXN has not granted authorization to any DXN member or consumer to collect cash on behalf of DXN from any person or organization for the sake of this MOROCCO & LIBYA Fund.

You can submit your bonus deduction requests through e-World by 30 September 2023.

On DXN’s part, it will contribute by donating an amount that is equivalent to what every member has donated to this fund.

I made a tutorial video on how can you make this too.

Together, we can make a meaningful impact. Thank you for your contribution.

The North African tragedy is a stark reminder of the unpredictable and devastating nature of natural disasters.
It’s also a testament to the resilience and compassion of people and organizations like DXN.

By coming together and extending a helping hand, we can make a difference in the lives of those who need it most.

In times of crisis, unity, and generosity can light the path toward hope and recovery.

New DXN eWorld

New DXN eWorld

DXN is working continously on its online system, because it’s very important nowdays.
First the official homepage https://www.dxn2u.com/ received a brand new look.

We were waiting for the new eWorld.

We are happy to inform you, that the new DXN eWorld is live now!

new DXN eWorld


In order to serve DXN members better, DXN eWorld has been revamped. Here are the things that you can expect from the newly enhanced eWorld.

  1. Achievement
    • Summary of distributor’s achievement for the 3 latest bonus months
    • Summary of total downlines by rank, status and country for the latest bonus month
  2. New Presentation
    • Information highlighted
    • Attractive product display
    • Improvement on menu and eWorld site navigation
    • More attractive display of header and layout
    • Step-by-step guidance for new distributor registration
    • Up-to-date local and international news and events
    • Improvement of design and for dashborad summary
  3. New introduction
    • Internation Travel Seminar Incentive (ITSI)
    • Preferred Language Display
    • Local Promotions

The newly revamped DXN eWorld is here:

Here is another sneak peek at the special features of the newly revamped eWorld. This video covers the two newly introduced content in the new eWorld; TSI and Promotions.

This video covers DXN Hub, which has been enhanced from the previous menu, News and Events. Watch the video to find out how the News & Events function has been upgraded in order to serve you better and to make it easier for you to get the latest information. This video also covers the upgrade done to the “Language” function.

This video covers the DXN Marketing menu and the remaining menus of eWorld like Online Purchase, Gallery, etc.

If you are already a DXN member, and you have any question or need any help you can get in touch here with the DXN office: https://eworld.dxn2u.com/index.php?r=site/contactus

If you want to join to DXN and use this DXN eWorld for registration and order – just click on this link: eWorld registration to us  – fill out with your datas, place your order (if it’s avaible in your country).

If you need more help just get in touch with us>>>

New DXN Song: See You At The Top in DXN

New DXN Song: See You At The Top in DXN

new DXN song

New DXN Song 1.: 

See You At The Top in DXN (DXN 20th Anniversary Theme Song)

Listen it here: [sc_embed_player fileurl=”http://www.dxn2u.com/gallery/song/See-You-at-The-Top-in-DXN(high-quality).mp3″]

Lyrics of the New DXN Song:

I am searching for the light
I am looking for a guide
To end the sleepless night
To live in debtless life

For the absolute wellness
For the financial freedom
That’s a global family
Caring for you and me

With love and care
We share the way of health
With faith and trust
We build the way of wealth

One World One Market
We are getting connected
Stay focus in One Mind
In unity we work and strive

Say hello to the rising sun
Good Morning to everyone
Say hello to freedom
See you at the top in DXN

One World One Market
We are getting connected
Stay focus in One Mind
In unity we work and strive

Don’t look left don’t look right
But look straight into DXN
Say hello to freedom
See you at the top in DXN

Say hello to freedom
See you at the top in DXN


New DXN Song Karaoke Music Video:

I made a video with this song about our DXN Spanish Seminar and about some wonderful day. Just watch it:


New DXN Song 2.:

Say Hello to The Rising Sun

Listen it here: [sc_embed_player fileurl=”http://www.dxn2u.com/gallery/song/Say-Hello-to-The-Rising-Sun(high-quality).mp3″]

Marching forwards with passion and with pride
Being healthy and having cheerful life
That’s the dream everyone can realise
Simplicity rules the world

Hand in hand we sow the seeds of hope
Building friendship with love and with trust
Flying high and we could touch the sky
Making changes for mankind

We have found the way of health
The way of endless wealth
With happiness and joyous smile
Let’s come and sing together

Say hello to the rising sun
Big goodbye to the darkness night
Say hello to freedom

It’s the way we work and strive
One World One Market and One Mind
With our hearts we say thank you

You may download the new DXN songs here as ringtone.

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DXN International use the “One World – One Market” conception

DXN International use the “One World – One Market” conception

Have you ever dreamed about having a huge DXN international business?

How can you use the benefits of the internet and DXN business?


Now here is the solution:

You don’t need to travel to all countries (but of course later you can visit your team-mates) – just use the internet and free online tools:

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And if you live in Australia and New Zealand:, you also have the possibility to have a homepage like this: http://www.dxnaus.com.au/replicate/repl_form.php

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