Official DXN Websites

Official DXN Websites

The online world is the part of our everyday life, also in entertainment, games, news, communication, learning, teaching and in business too. We have higher and higher expectations for a business website.

So good to see that this is important for DXN too, and they are making new, modern and integrated official DXN websites.

Let me collect and show you these official DXN websites!

DXN Worldwide

The main official DXN website is: 
You can find here all the official information about DXN company background, DXN products, and DXN business.
You can find the international DXN office’s data here:

Here you can find the DXN eWorld:

  • It’s available in more languages – you can choose from the list
  • If you are a DXN member, you can log in and enjoy many functions of DXN eWorld like statistics, reports, bonus information, DXN news and events, you may purchase DXN products (webshop) and many more. 
  • If you are not yet a member, you may join here through eWorld

Here is my article about the new DXN eWorld >>>
Here is my article about eWorld, when it was brand new>>>

DXN Europe

This the European Official DXN website:

  • It’s available in 10 languages
  • If you are are a European DXN member – you can apply for a replicated website from the eWorld, and anybody can join you on a similar homepage like this. This is ours:
  • If you are not yet a DXN member, you may join here through eWorld

Here is my article about the DXN European website, if you want to know more >>>

DXN Asia

Here is the brand new DXN Asia official website, which was officially launched on 11 April 2018:

  • You can find here all the local news and events, DXN information, DXN Life Magazine and many more.

North and South America

Here you can find the official website of DXN Latin America:

  • Here you can find local news of DXN Bolivia, DXN Colombia, DXN Ecuador, DXN Mexico, DXN Panama and DXN Peru
  • This website is available in English and in Spanish too


The official DXN USA website:

Here you can read my blog post about the new DXN USA Homepage:

DXN Australia

DXN Oceania

If you are not yet a DXN member – join here and choose us as your sponsor, just click here:Join DXN



Brand New DXN USA PageDXN USA Page

Daxen Inc. is happy to announce the launch of the redesigned DXN USA Page. 

You can find it on the link, as always:

On the right side, you can find a blue box and you can choose: 

Member Login:  – if you are already a DXN member.

If you are not yet a member, you can join DXN.

NEW MEMBERS can register on this link: 

Sponsor’s ID: 310007879  – Farago Istvan
If you choose us, we can be your sponsor. Get in touch with us, if you need any help, or if you have any question.


Join DXN USA Step 1

You can join DXN through the international eWorld surface – our DXN Sponsor ID is already filled:

You will get your DXN ID, in some minutes, after this you can activate it in the US System.

DXN USA Foreign Member Activation: 

Login password will be assigned and sent to your Email address by the following business day. Please check your spam folder, maybe it goes there.

After you received, you can login

There is a beautiful new DXN backoffice: DXN USA Backoffice

With a modern and easy to use webshop – just click on: Place your order
You can choose regular order or IOC order.

  • If you want to join with DXN IOC Program – You need to purchase an iPackage, buy DXN products for the value of at least 270 USD. After you log in, just click on IOC and place your order.

Choose any products until the Available IOC Fund goes to $0.00.
More in about DXN IOC>>>
More join DXN information >>> 
You can choose from the list on the left: 

The shipping fee is $6.00 as a DXN member in the USA.

If you want to buy DXN products on retail price without registration, you can find the retail shop here:

You can find the shipping and handling info here:

You can read the return policy here:

The shipping fee is $8.95 for non-members in the USA.

The official DXN USA office datas are:


565 Brea Canyon Road, Suite B Walnut, CA 91789 
Phone: 909-348-0188 
Fax: 909-348-0189 
– Email: Product Ordering: 
– Marketing and Product information related: 
– Product Ordering Toll-Free Number: 1-888-4DXNUSA (1-888-439-6872)

Join DXN

DXN USA website

DXN USA website

Daxen Inc. is pleased to announce the launch of our fully-featured redesigned DXN USA website.

The DXN USA website has a fresh new look that is both easy to navigate and focus on making the important information promoptly accessible. Start navigating today by login to

DXN USA website

Features to the new DXN USA website includes:

  • Allows faster accest to visitors on information about Daxen Inc., Ganoderma, Products and MLM business
  • Offers more interactive interface, and the environment is more media rich with HQ videos.
  • Simple yet very attractive layout.
  • Direct acces to AutoTrack System in one click.
  • News and events section with latest promotions, all activities of the Company and MLM industry.
  • Media section providing you with latest videos, photos, and Distributir tools to help our Distributors to achieve more success in doing DXN Business.
  • Business section shows the summary of DXN Compensation Plan and opportunities.

In conjustion to Daxen Inc.’s corporate website launching, we are pleased to announce the launching of DXN Distributor Replicated DXN USA Website. The replicated website features unique web address to each active Independent Distributor.

This will embrace the new era of prospecting, show case your business venture, to make interested members join your network, product order and many more.

Most importantly, it will save your time, money and energy.

So go ahead and begin Networking with us.

Our DXN USA website is avaible here >>> Click 

Join DXN USA with valid social security card here. Use our DXN sponsor code: 310007879 
Join DXN US system! Sponsor’s ID: 310007879

Or just fill out this application form:
Sponsor name: Istvan Farago  Sponsors’ ID: 310007879

Join DXN Worldwide! Use our DXN sponsor code: 310007879

Don’t forget to get in touch with me for more help and information!

See you at the Top!

If you would like to use DXN Distributor Replicated Website in Europe, where you can edit: my story, blog and contact – just  join to me. This homepage is avaible in 15 langauges, and you can use the webshops in Europe:

And if you live in Australia, you also have the possibility to have a homepage like this:
More information: