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DXN Coffee facts and information

We've collected what you need to know about Ganoderma coffee, based on questions from hundreds of our customers

Ganoderma Coffee

What is Ganoderma coffee?


What is Ganoderma and how did it get into my coffee?

Drinking DXN Coffee

When can I drink this coffee and how many times a day?


How can I make this coffee and what should I put in it?

Delicious taste

Does it taste like coffee, mushrooms or artificial?

Order DXN Coffee

How can I order DXN coffee?


Why is is worth drinking DXN Coffee?


How can I buy this coffee cheaper?

Side effects

Will it cause any discomfort if I start consuming it?

DXN Coffee Selection

Black, sweet, creamy

DXN Coffee review

What are the experiences of those who drink this coffee?


How can I choose from these coffees?

What is Ganoderma Coffee?

Ganoderma coffee is a unique blend of excellent quality instant Arabica and Robusta coffee and premium quality Ganoderma.
This creates a very unique taste, as well as has a very positive effect on the body.

Thanks to the natural processing method, we can eliminate the negative effects of coffee, such as heartburn or a rapid heartbeat, so we can experience even more benefits of drinking coffee.

In most of the coffees, you can find Ganoderma, but there are available other healthy coffees with Cordyceps, Lion’s mane, or Ginseng.

DXN Coffees don’t contain any artificial dyes, preservatives, or flavor enhancers.


What is Ganoderma and how did it get into my coffee?

Ganoderma Lucidum (Latin), also known as Reishi (Japanese) or Lingzhi (Chinese).

Ganoderma has been known for thousands of years and is widely used in the Far East for health preservation and to improve quality of life.

Today, a number of scientific research prove its efficiency even in modern medicine. https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/?term=ganoderma

Ganoderma could help restore body balance thanks to its valuable active ingredients. It contains many important minerals and bioactive components.
It can be consumed in the form of capsules and powder, or in combination with other foods. Our body deserves to get the best, this is why we consume and use these products every day.

High-quality DXN Ganoderma

DXN adopts a cold treatment that can preserve active elements of Ganoderma. The total concentration rate of the cold treatment is 20:1, which is superlative to other methods.

More about Ganoderma: https://dxnganodermacoffee.us/dxn-ganoderma

Why Ganoderma Coffee?

People tend to forget to take their daily vitamins or have to give up their food supplements in the absence of financial means.

Have you ever heard of anyone forgetting to drink their daily cup of coffee?
A great idea was born when DXN decided to mix  Ganoderma with a product that most people consume every day all over the world.


You do not need any coffee maker for the preparation, only hot water is needed.

First, you should decide which type of coffee suits you. Short, long, sweet, bitter, black, creamy, with milk? Choose the one that suits you the most.

Most of the coffees are made with non-diary creamer and flavored with sugar, so even hot water is enough.

You can flavor it optionally to your taste! Besides its beneficial effects, it’s also very important to enjoy your coffee and make it exactly as you like it the most.

1. Choose a bag of DXN coffee, and open it.
2. Mix it with a maximum of 80°C (176°F) hot water.
If you want, you can mix it with milk, or vegetable milk (rice, almond…)
3. You don’t need any extra sweetener, but if you want, you can add: sugar, stevia, or xylitol.
You may also enjoy it with whipped cream or cinnamon!


When do you like to drink a good cup of coffee? Anytime, right?
So have it when it’s the best for you!

You can drink it:

  • before, after, or with your breakfast
  • anytime in the morning
  • after lunch
  • to refresh in the afternoon
  • also in the evening

How many times can I drink it a day?

  • Is your routine a cup of coffee in the morning and another one after lunch? You don’t have to change it!
  • About 1,5 – 2 dl (5-7 oz) of hot beverage can be made out of one bag of coffee. You can split a bag and drink it in two servings.
    Do as you prefer the taste!
  • Many experienced that instead of the daily 4-5 cups, even 2-3 cups of coffee were enough due to Ganoderma coffee’s long-lasting effect.

The important thing is that you don’t have to change your habits,
but it is possible that you will; due to the many beneficial effects of drinking Ganoderma coffee.

Delicious taste

Does it taste like mushroom or coffee?

Ganoderma Lingzhi doesn’t cause any changes to the taste, it perfectly harmonizes with coffee. You can feel only the taste of quality coffee!

There is no mushroom flavor to this excellent coffee, only a real coffee taste. 

Several people reported, that they feel an unpleasant aftertaste when drinking traditional coffee, or other, cheaper instant coffees. They didn’t experience this after consuming Ganoderma coffee.

Just try it and you will feel the difference!

What can I expect, if I switch to this coffee?

Those who are already regular consumers report lots of positive effects:

  • long-lasting freshness
  • increased energy levels
  • better ability to concentrate
  • calmer, more relaxing sleep (many also enjoy it at night, but if it makes you too alert, leave your nighttime coffee)
  • very delicious, a pleasure to consume
  • there is no unpleasant taste after consumption
  • better digestion
  • feeling better

Most Ganoderma coffee consumers didn’t feel heartburn or strong heartbeats that they used to experience with traditional coffee.
Their metabolisms and moods improved.

How can you experience better and earlier the positive effects?

First of all, you need to make sure that you don’t continue consuming your regular coffee. You drink only Ganoderma coffee for a real experience.

If you find yourself in situations where you are offered ordinary coffee (at meetings or other social events) then you should always make sure to have a few packets of Ganoderma coffee with you, so all you have to do is ask for hot water.

The best thing to do is a minimum of 3 boxes = 1 cure. By then you will know what effects did you experience. 3 box = 60 packets. If you drink a packet a day this amount is enough for 2 months.

DXN Coffee

Are there any “side effects”?

Is there any other discomfort or unpleasant experience
after I started drinking this coffee?

In most cases after the first cup of coffee, there are many positive effects are experienced.

Sometimes our body can react to the change and may show signs of discomfort.
If you have a sensitive organism then it’s possible that you will feel discomfort as toxins are eliminated from the body.

You may experience:

  • Headache – because Ganoderma started the detoxification process. We recommend drinking lots of water to flush out the toxins from your body.
  • Diarrhea – most people report an increase in gut functions, but in very few cases diarrhea is possible. It’s important to note how your body reacts, drink lots of water, and maybe cut down the quantity to half a packet a day.

Overall we know that Ganoderma supports body functions and has many positive effects. If you experience unpleasant symptoms this may highlight an area in your body that need more attention.

What experienced those, who have already drunk it for years?

Real feedback on DXN coffees, their effects, their favorites, and how it’s made


“Before the age of 29 I didn’t drink coffee at all, I didn’t like the taste of the traditional, brewed coffee.
But besides 2 little children, I almost had no energy, I couldn’t even use my little free time well.
This was when I found DXN coffee, the taste of which seized me and gave me lots of energy straight.

Since then I drink a cup of it every morning and I feel its effect until late evening. I experienced at the beginning already that it enhances digestion, it helped me reach and keep my ideal body weight.
I sleep very well and tight and in the morning I wake up filled with energy.

My favorite one used to be Lingzhi Coffee 3 in 1, but in 2016 I changed to Mace EU Café. I pour just hot water it, that’s how it’s perfect to me.”

Judit Faragóné Keserű

„I’ve been drinking the DXN 3 in1 coffee since August 2014.

This is my favorite type, although I enjoy drinking Zhi Mocha, too. I could never drink coffee, I was just jealously watching people who were sipping that good-smelling, steaming drink while happily chatting with each other.

When I smelled coffee, it made my mouth water, but after a couple of sips I started to have strong palpitations, bad feelings, and my pulse increased, so I stopped dreaming about ever drinking coffee.

But when I tasted the DXN 3in1 coffee, I experienced freshness, and good feelings, my heart didn’t want to jump out of its place and I’m much more fit. I have no heartburn and I’m fine, even with little sleep. From that time on, I drink 2 to 3 coffees per day, I cannot imagine getting up without it.

I pour hot water on it in my favorite cup and I drink it with a bit of sweetener and coffee cream.

I’m happy I’m also able to enjoy the passion of drinking coffee and my immune system is also being protected, thanks to the medicinal mushroom in it.”

Mariann Papp

“I started drinking DXN coffees in 2015. Since then I’m more energetic, I drink less coffee per day (now it’s only 2 cups in the morning and after lunch), and the most important for me is that I don’t have a stomach burn anymore, even if I drink it on an empty stomach. Just a couple of days after changing to DXN coffee, my stomach burned stopped.

My favorite from the offer is Lingzhi Coffee 3in1, and if I need extra energy during the day, then I usually choose Maca Vita Café.

I always prepare the coffees with warm water. When I’m at home, I usually add another half teaspoon of sugar and a bit of milk, too. If I’m on the road, then I enjoy my coffee without the ‘extras’.”

Edina Tőkésné Horváth

“I’ve been drinking DXN Lingzhi 3in1 since 2015, 3 cups a day. I prefer pouring half a sachet of coffee into 1,5 dl of water.

I tried it because I heard that the alkalizing effect of the Ganoderma helps with stomach acidity problems. Luckily I didn’t get disappointed, after a few days, my pains disappeared.

But I also experienced something that I never expected!

I’ve had knee pain for years then, I was already thinking of surgery. Then about half a year after starting to drink DXN coffee my pain started to lessen, and later my knee pains totally disappeared. Since then my knee is alright again!

Thank you, DXN!”

Lajos Petrányi

„First I tasted DXN Ganoderma coffee in 2014. I wouldn’t have thought that I’d set aside my premium coffee and change it to this healthy Ganoderma coffee. But since then I drink my medicinal coffee every morning and afternoon. I like when pouring the instant coffee into hot water and stirring it, it’ll become a fine and foamy, mouth-watering hot drink.

Hmmm, it’s very tempting, even above 60! 

I almost tried all the coffee types, and all are very tasty, but my favorite is Lingzhi Coffee 3in1 because of its silky and soft flavor.

My daily 2 coffees refresh me and keep me active fully. It’s an extra advantage that I don’t have a stomach burn anymore, my blood pressure is not increasing from it, so I feel very good the whole day.”

Anikó Tántomné Bors

„I consume DXN coffees since May 2016.

Surprisingly, after 1 or 2 months it stabilized my blood pressure which used to be high, and my excess acid production ceased, too.

The coffee fills me with energy and makes my day more beautiful.

It’s hard to say, which is my favorite from the 8 types of coffee available at DXN because all are very tasty. I like 3in1, Cream Coffee and Black Coffee the most.

I drink one every morning but sometimes I take one during the afternoon, too.

I let it melt in the water of 50 to 60 degrees. Sometimes I put whipped cream and cinnamon on the top.

I can recommend it anytime!”

György Dormán

„I’ve been drinking DXN coffee since 2015. Before that the only reason for me to drink coffee in the morning was to feel its vitalizing effect, but by now I drink it for its taste, too, even 2 to 3 times per day.

Cream Coffee was my ever best choice as a beginning, not too many types can compete with its tender, silky, creamy taste. It’s a fine, refreshing but also relaxing pampering in the running weekdays. A bit of sweetener and milk makes the total impact perfect for me.

I know and also feel that it has a good effect on my digestion, my headache always disappears after drinking it, it refreshes me, it lifts me up, and since I drink this coffee, my blood pressure is stabilized, too.

It came only later that I fell in love with the aromatic flavour of Lingzhi Black Coffee. Today I choose this coffee when I need energy quickly, then it can hit.

On more special days I drink Maca Vita coffee, which helps me retain my health even more, through the Maca root extract it contains.

Rarely, if I have the opportunity, I drink Cordyceps coffee. It gives me more power and energy, so I drink it before doing sports.

I always drink coffee hot, it tastes totally different from a warm coffee, I can feel the yummy taste of this nectar even while rolling down through my throat.”

Alexandra Csordás

“The relationship with my favourite coffee started in 2010.

That morning I poured the whole sachet into my dearest, huge mug. That day was just like every other: I drank my coffee sitting in my favourite armchair while I was enjoying the view and thinking through my daily tasks.

Something has changed forever though. I realized in the evening that I had not even thought of making another coffee during the day – although I had been addicted to coffee for ages then, drinking 4 to 6 cups every day.

I was also aware that if I drink coffee instead of water, I will gain weight from the sugar, so I was happy I could drink DXN 3in1 instead.

In the beginning, I had 2 to 3 sachets per day. Today, when I don’t need so much coffee or sugar, it happens that I split only one sachet in 2 days.

I feel good, I keep my weight, I don’t use any drugs, and I never even had the flu. I’m not getting older, only the number of my age is getting higher.

The secret is having 2 to 3 coffees per day: one in the morning, letting the day start relaxed, one at around 10 a.m., after some hours of intensive work, and a third in the afternoon, at around 4 to 6 p.m., for closing the day.

It’s always a ritual for me: only hot water, the instant DXN 3in1 coffee in my favourite mug and I. Because I deserve the best. And not only once a day.”

Dr. Anikó Farkas


The packages and the ingredients could be different in some countries or regions.
You can check in the local webshops and price lists, which kind of DXN coffee could you buy.

DXN Coffee – No sweetener, no creamer – with Ganoderma

Lingzhi Black Coffee

Strong and dark
Instant black coffee and Ganoderma

  • The Black Coffee is packaged individually in small sachets for instant satisfaction and everyday-use convenience.
  • You can make from 1 sachet 1-4 strong, bitter taste, small cup of coffee, like an espresso.
  • Lingzhi Black Coffee also brings you the satisfying taste of real coffee.
  • It’s sugar-free, lactose-free, and gluten-free.
  • You may use any sweetener for flavoring.

Ingredients: instant coffee powder, Ganoderma

Packaging size: 14 g x 20 sachets

Energy:15 kcal     Carbohydrate: 2,5 g    Fat: 0,1 g    Protein: 1,0 g

DXN Coffee – No sweetener, with creamer and Ganoderma

DXN Cream Coffee

No added sugar
Instant black coffee, non-diary creamer, and Ganoderma

  • DXN Cream Coffee is a harmonious blend of fine quality instant coffee powder, Ganoderma, and non-dairy creamer.
  • Rich in aroma, silky smooth texture, and the taste that you can’t resist.
  • No extra sugar is added, recommended for those who want to reduce daily sugar intake.
  • Every sip will be a pleasurable one.
  • The carbohydrate content of 1 sachet of coffee is 8.6 g, of which 6.1 g is sugar. This is the natural carbohydrate content of the non-dairy creamer. Diabetics should adjust their diet accordingly. If you want a completely sugar-free coffee, we recommend DXN Black Coffee.

Packaging size: 14 g x 20 sachets


Packaging may be different in each countries:

DXN Coffee – With sugar, creamer, and herbs

DXN Lingzhi Coffee 3 in 1 (EU)

3 in 1
Instant black coffee, sugar, non-dairy creamer, and Ganoderma

  • DXN Lingzhi Coffee 3 in 1 is specially blended with the finest quality coffee beans and 100% pure Lingzhi with sugar, non-dairy creamer, and with no artificial coloring, flavoring and preservatives. It is very refreshing and healthy.
  • DXN Lingzhi Coffee 3 in 1 (EU) is all you need for a complete cup of smooth and delicious coffee.
  • Just add one sachet of the Lingzhi Coffee 3 in 1 into 1,5-2 dl (5 oz) of hot water and stir to enjoy this sensational new coffee experience with DXN.

Packaging size: 21 g x 20 sachets


In some countries, it’s available in a megapack, which is 1 kg.

DXN (Maca) EU Café

Instant black coffee, sugar, non-dairy creamer,  Maca or Tongkat Ali

  • This product is a perfect blend of selected Maca or Tongkat Ali roots and premium quality coffee powder in a premix instant coffee packet for easy preparation and consumption.
  • You can enjoy the benefits of Maca or Tongkat Ali with a premium coffee.
  • Just add one sachet of the Eu Café into 1,5-2 dl (5 oz) of hot water and stir to enjoy this sensational new coffee experience with DXN.

Packaging size: 21 g x 20 sachets


In some countries, this kind of coffee contains Tongkat Ali instead of Maca.

DXN Maca Vita Café

6 in 1
Instant black coffee, sugar, non-dairy creamer, Ganoderma, Maca, Ginseng

  • Vita Café™ is the latest, great-tasting coffee, brought to you by DXN!
  • It is a unique blend of high-quality Ginseng and  Maca or Tongkat Ali powder with Ganoderma.
  • DXN Vita Café™ is conveniently prepared in the form of premix coffee for easy consumption.
  • All you need to do is add the instant powder of Vita Café™ into a cup of hot water to experience the rich aroma of Vita Café™.

The uniqueness of DXN Vita Café:

    • An exclusive 6-in-1 coffee added with Ginseng, Maca or Tongkat Ali, and Ganoderma.
    • A refreshing drink with exquisite traditional flavor and delightful distinctive aroma.
    • It is easy to prepare; enjoy it at home, work, anywhere, and anytime you want a cup of hot gourmet coffee.
    • It is exciting and versatile – you can enjoy it hot, ice-cold, ice-blended, or chilled!
    • Only selected high-quality ingredients are used.
    • It is free from additives and preservatives.

Packaging size: 21 g x 20 sachets


In some countries, this kind of coffee contains Tongkat Ali instead of Maca.


Premium coffee with Ganoderma and cocoa
Instant black coffee, sugar, non-dairy creamer, Ganoderma, Cocoa powder

  • You are a coffee lover and you love the taste of chocolate as well? Then DXN Zhi Mocha is for you!

  • It is blended with instant coffee powder made from selected coffee beans, Ganoderma, and cocoa powder.

  • With iced coffee becoming popular these days, you can try adding ice cubes to a cup of Zhi Mocha. It is definitely a good choice to cool you down on a hot summer day.

  • Whether hot or cold, Zhi Mocha has a creamy, sweet, and unique taste with a slightly bitter aftertaste.

    If you’re in the mood for some extra flavor, add a dollop of whipped cream and a dusting of cinnamon. Delicious!

Packaging size: 21 g x 20 sachets


Packaging may be different in each countries:

DXN Cordyceps coffee

Premium coffee with Cordyceps
Instant black coffee, sugar, non-dairy creamer, Cordyceps

  • DXN Cordyceps Coffee 3 in 1 is specially formulated from instant coffee powder added with Cordyceps.
  • This unique formulation makes a smooth and aromatic coffee to zest up your day.

Packaging size: 21 g x 20 sachets


DXN White Coffee Zhino

Extra Creamy
Instant black coffee, sugar, non-dairy creamer, skim milk powder, Ganoderma

  • To satisfy the cravings of cappuccino lovers, DXN has now come up with a new product that can be easily and quickly prepared.
  • You simply have to add a sachet of DXN White Coffee Zhino into a cup of hot water, mix it together and you are then free to enjoy it with your family at home or with friends in the office without having to wait for a long time at a coffee house.
  • It is topped with a light layer of creamer foam and formulated together with Ganoderma.
  • The best thing about drinking a cup of DXN White Coffee Zhino is having the dense and creamy yet light and airy taste and feeling in your mouth at the same time. The inviting aroma of this instant cappuccino indirectly evokes a feeling of joy after you drink it.
  • Do not miss the opportunity to try it as you will discover a delicious taste that will bring to mind the original cappuccino from Italy.
  • It’s extra creamy, that’s why we call it “white coffee”.

Packaging size: 28 g x 12 sachets


DXN Coffee – With sweetener, no creamer

DXN Zhi Café Classic

Sweet long coffee
Coffee bean, sugar, Ganoderma

  • DXN brings you Zhi Cafe Classic, which is made from a blend of Ganoderma extract and fully roasted coffee beans.
  • It gives you a mild smooth taste with a satisfying deep pleasant aroma which is excellent for a great first cup every morning.
  • You will be absolutely amazed at the aroma and flavor of this freshly roasted coffee.
  • Put a filter in hot water according to your taste. Wait some minute, take it out, then drink it.
  • This coffee is similar to Turkish coffee.

Packaging size: 20 g x 20 filter


DXN Cocoa – With sweetener, creamer and Ganoderma

DXN Cocozhi

Hot chocolate

Creamer, sugar, skim milk powder, malt extract, cocoa, Ganoderma, and approved flavoring (vanilla).

  • Cocozhi is formulated from the finest cocoa with Ganoderma. It is in a ready-to-drink powdered form, which gives you a chocolate taste.
  • Just pour the contents into a hot cup of water and stir to enjoy an invigorating drink suitable for the whole family.

Packaging size:32 g x 20 sachets


Would you like to taste which one is the best for you?

In many countries, you can choose from tasting packages with different sachets. So you can try them out before buying a whole package.