DXN ASP is a great new opportunity for extra discounts and weekly income.

DXN has amazing high-quality products, a great business system, and many valuable people have connections from all over the world. Here is something new, that can give you even more benefits. This is ASP, the Active Sponsoring Program. Let’s see what is this.

What is DXN ASP?

ASP means Active Sponsoring Program.

  • It’s the new program of DXN, which offers customers extra discounts and extra income to the distributors.
  • These benefits are only realized by purchasing ASP packages.

The advantages of DXN ASP for customers and consumers:

  • Any DXN member – new or existing (both) – can buy only one ASP package
  • They can select different mixes of DXN products at their preference. They can choose any product, so the content of the ASP package is not fixed.
  • The ASP package should be a minimum of 100 PPV and the maximum PPV value is unlimited. You can buy even 100 boxes of coffee. You can find the PV of each product in the price list.
  • 100% of the ASP Package’s value (from the distributor price) will be credited as Discount Value for future product purchases. Such Discount Value can be redeemed as a 10% discount on the DP (distributor price) for future purchases within three (3) years from the date of purchase ASP.
  • It is worth thinking about the value of the ASP package since you can only buy it once and get back the whole amount as a discount.
  • The larger the package, the greater the discount you get.
  • And the biggest advantage is that you can enjoy the benefits of consuming DXN products at a more favorable price.

The advantages of DXN ASP for product distributors and business builders:

The ASP package is not only worth it for those who buy it but also for those whose direct (new or existing) members buy an ASP package.

  • We have the possibility not just to buy DXN products cheaper but also earn income.
  • The ASP package is not only worth it to the person who buys it but also to the person who is above the customer in the structure. She or he will then receive 60% of the SV value of the ASP package.
  • She or he will receive this as a weekly payment, as soon as the sponsor meets the conditions for the monthly bonus entitlement, the 100 personal points (PPV).
  • One level up there is a 10% bonus to the SV value of the ASP package, and the next two levels have another 5%-5%.
  • These bonuses come only from ASP packages and the direct 60% bonus is only for as long as someone is in this program.
  • And in this program, from the moment it is introduced in a particular country, everyone is involved.
  • After the program started in a country, the ASP points of the first 3 months count doubled.
  • If someone wants to reach a new business rank, it is a never-to-be-returned opportunity to reach a new rank with half as many points, since these points count twice.
  • It’s easier to be a qualified Start Agent and a qualified Star Diamond with these double points.

This program was created by Mr. Laszlo Kocso, the first European DXN Crown Ambassador. It was approved by the chairman of DXN, Dr. Lim.
First, they started to test it in June 2023 in Uzbekistan and Poland.
Let’s see the results.
The number of new members more than tripled in the first 3 months in Poland, and the turnover almost doubled, and there were many new ranks. Active members managed to earn much more.

According to the feedback, there were some small changes, and the program started in November in other European countries like Hungary, Spain, Greece, and Cyprus.

There were great results in these countries. Many sleeping leaders reactivated and started to share the info about the DXN products, the extraordinary discounts, and the huge possibility of earning income with ASP. 

Here is the list of the European countries, where ASP started:







How can an existing member order ASP packages?

  • Online: Login to your eWorld
    Click on the Menu and choose ASP order.
    Fill in your shipping address and choose your products.
  • Other order method like phone, WhatsApp or personally in the DXN office or Service Center.

How can a new member order an ASP package?

After they fill out the online registration form, they can choose from these options:

  1. They can choose ASP order and choose the products immediately, so they can make a registration and an ASP order together.
    It’s good if you discuss with them earlier which products should they choose. It needs to be at least 100 PV for an ASP order.
  2. Other choice:
    After filling out the online registration form, they can choose Register and Purchase later.
    They can activate their eWorld account, they can order the ASP package from there online, or choose other ordering method.

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