DXN meeting in London with Judit Faragóné Keserű ECD

DXN meeting in London with Judit Faragóné Keserű ECD

Our story

Some personal thoughts…
14 years ago, I had a dream: to build a career from home using the power of the internet. At that time, both my children were still at home with me. I looked for online learning and work opportunities because I wanted to be there for them whenever they needed me, and I also wanted to fulfill myself in a well-paying career.
Is it possible to do both at the same time?

I found the answer. It was DXN.
This remarkable opportunity not only allowed me to create a thriving international business but also provided the flexibility I needed to balance family and career. With dedication, continuous learning, and smart strategies, my husband and I built a successful international business from the ground up.



I had no prior experience in MLM. I started from scratch, learning as I went along.

Today, we stand as one of Europe’s top DXN leaders.

Thanks to DXN, our entire family enjoys a lifestyle beyond what we once imagined possible.

But our success isn’t just about us. It’s about teamwork. While we planted the seeds, it’s the collective effort of our team that’s brought us to where we are today.

Now, I have a new dream: to share the knowledge and experiences that have enriched my life with others.

I want to empower them with the information they need to pursue their own paths, develop their skills, and live a truly fulfilling life. Because when we have the right tools and guidance, anything is possible.

It’s my pleasure to invite you to join me for a special event in London on April 13th. 🇬🇧

I’ll share my knowledge and nearly 14 years of experience in the DXN business: from building an international business from home to exploring the power of DXN products for health and wellness.

Whether you’re just starting your DXN journey or looking to take your business to new heights, this event is for you! 🚀

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to connect, learn, and grow!

Mark your calendars and join me in London!
See you there! 👋

DXN meeting in London

Discover DXN Success with Judit Faragóné Keserű ECD in London!

Dive into the world of DXN with Judit Faragóné Keserű, Executive Crown Diamond from Hungary, as she shares her nearly 14 years of experience in building a successful international business and living a healthy lifestyle with DXN products.
Join her in London 13. April 2024 for insights and inspiration!

Some years ago, we had a dream, that we wanted to visit a special place in London. But Covid came, and it’s never happened. Until this April.

One of our family dreams will come true.

Now this picture is empty here, but I will put it here later, after it’s realized and you will see, what was it.

Are you already a DXN member?

Join us at this meeting!

Date: April 13, 2024

11:00 AM – Registration
11:30 AM – 12:50 PM – From home to worldwide: crafting your international DXN business journey
12:50 PM – 2:00 PM – Coffee Break
2:00 PM – 3:30 PM – The power of nature: exploring DXN products for health and wellness

The entry fee is 10 GBP.


  • English with Spanish translation
For more information please contact
Paulina Glodowska:
Phone: +44 7715 583771
E-mail: reishilondoncenter@gmail.com
or DXN Slovakia office:
Phone: +421948067489
E-mail: marketingexecutivesk@dxn2u.com
DXN London event

Location:  H1O London Waterloo Hotel
284 to 302 Waterloo Road – SE1 8RQ London, United Kingdom

If you are not yet a DXN member but want to know more, you have more options:

DXN Academy UK London

DXN Academy UK London

We invite you to join for the DXN Academy UK London.

Date: 23. September 10 AM – 5:30 PM

Place: Crown Plaza London Kensington 100 Cromwell Rd  SW7 4ER London

Free entry – You are all welcome!

DXN Academy UK London

DXN Academy UK London


Jane Yau Ganotherapist 

She will speak about: Everything you want to know about DXN products for a healthy lifestyle.
she is a State Registered Nurse (SRN); State Certified Midwife (SCM) trained in the UK. She is also a Public Health Nurse (PHN) trained in Malaysia.

Working experience in the nursing field since 1976:
1. Oncology Nursing in the UK
2. Maternal and Child Health
3. Health Education
4. Integrated Preventive Health and Nutrition

She has been practicing DXN Ganotherapy since 2001. She completed her studies in a post-graduate program on Preventive Health and Nutrition in 2012 to upgrade her knowledge and she believes learning is a long-term process.
Today, she is a Wellness and Disease Management expert.

László Kócsó DXN Crown Ambassador 

He will speak about: How to build a successful business?
He is the author of 10 facts about MLM, what you need to know before you decide:

  • I believe that network marketing, as a business model, is a very effective system.
  • I believe that network marketing can be done differently to the way that so many have experienced.
  • I believe that this business model, combined with a decent company, can be an excellent way of creating wealth for many people.

They are both our uplines, so if you join us, you can enjoy their support too.

If you are not yet a DXN member, you can join here: https://eworld.dxn2u.com/index.php?r=account/register&mc=310007879

Join DXN

More DXN UK info: https://dxnganodermacoffee.us/dxn-uk/dxn-uk-office-ganoderma-coffee-business

DXN UK Office and DXN UK Ganoderma Coffee Business

DXN UK Office and DXN UK Ganoderma Coffee Business

There is a DXN UK Office in England.

But before I let you know all the information let me clarify this.

If you want to buy DXN products cheaper, at distributor price, you need to make a free registration*.

* It is free to register as a member in DXN. You can buy the products without paying any registration fee.

First, you need to choose a sponsor, who will guide you through the registration and the ordering process.

And he/she will answer all your questions about DXN products and/or the business opportunity too.

So if you do not have a sponsor yet, feel free to join us and fill out this registration form: https://eworld.dxn2u.com/index.php?r=account/register&mc=310007879

Join DXN

If you already have a sponsor (a friend, relative… somebody you know well), you should ask for his/her DXN Sponsor Code. You can click here: https://eworld.dxn2u.com/index.php?r=account/register Accept the New Distributor Application and Agreement and write the Sponsor Code in the empty field.  (Ours is 310007879)

After you fill out the registration form, you can place an order in the UK from the eWorld.

Here you can watch an eWorld user guide video:
Here is the first time login: https://eworld.dxn2u.com/index.php?r=site/firstlogin
Here you can login anytime and place your order: https://eworld.dxn2u.com/index.php?r=site/login&ajax=0

Please understand this – always the local DXN office send the products, this is not the distributor tasks.*

*The warehousing, packaging, logistics, and delivery of products is managed by local DXN offices or the European central DXN office, this is not your task and you do not have to do anything with this, but the commission fee after each delivery is credited to your account – after your consumption, and after the commerce of your team (those joining to you and to your team members).

So if you order DXN products in the UK,
and you have any questions about the stock, delivery or the payment,
please contact the DXN UK Office:

Paulina Glodowska

Tel: +44 77155 83771 – WhatsApp (Working only on weekdays)
Email: reishilondoncenter@gmail.com

Contact Person : Ms. Paulina Glodowska

Alternatively, you can also contact 
DAXEN Slovakia at +421948254025 or  networker@dxn2u.com

DXN UK office

Paulina Glodowska and Ms. Nina Surovková,
Country Manager of DXN Slovakia

Are you already a DXN member, but not in our team?

Maybe you move to Europe, you live here, and you would like to get DXN products, and you already joined DXN, but not as our team member?  First, you need to check if you can log in to eWorld. If you can’t please contact the DXN UK or DXN Slovakia Office. If you do not live in the UK, please contact your local office. You can find the contact information here: https://www.dxn2u.com/contact/index.php?lang=en

DXN focuses more on England and the UK, so there will be more and more meetings.

There is a huge opportunity for you with DXN in the UK too. We would be happy to guide you along this road to success.

Join DXN

Join DXN information >>>

Buy DXN products information >>>

If you have any questions, contact us now >>>

DXN UK order and registration information

DXN UK order and registration information

There are some changes, for the newest information, please click here: https://dxnganodermacoffee.us/dxn-uk/dxn-uk-office-ganoderma-coffee-business

DXN UK order and registration

DXN UK order and registration

How can you order DXN products from the UK?

You can order DXN products from the UK here: http://uk.dxnganodermacoffee.com/products

  1. Select DXN products – Click on Add basket
  2. If you want more than one piece – Change the quantity and click on Modify
  3. When you finished – Click on the top on the right: Order
  4. To buy the DXN products cheaper on distributor price, you need to have a DXN ID. – How could you get this? Read the next point.

How can you make DXN registration from the UK?

You can choose:

      1. Join for free through international DXN System, and choose us as your sponsor. Just click here! >>>
        – Fill out with your datas.
        – You will get your DXN ID in some minutes. You can go back here: http://uk.dxnganodermacoffee.com/products  Order DXN product as you can read above.
        – Check this box:  xxxxxxxxxx and write here your new 818xxxxxx DXN ID.
        – Fill out with your datas the billing and shipping datas, contact informations and choose the right payment and shipping method for you.
        – Click on the Order!

      • But with this registration you can not get bonus after your and your downlines purchases, because you need to active your DXN ID and you need to buy a membership kit, which is 16,3 GBP in the UK. Please read the next point, if you want to know more about this.

2. If you want to build business and have downlines please follow the steps:
– Fill out this registration form: http://uk.dxnganodermacoffee.com/member_registration_private
– When you make the order here Check this box: I simultaneously send the membership contract with my order, this way i have the right for distributor price.
– The membership fee is 16,3 GBP
– You can join with DSP kits, the registration (the membership basic kit) is free with this, and you can get other special discounts: http://uk.dxnganodermacoffee.com/products#katnev_101

If you live in the UK, you will get after your registration DXN Intranet access (username and password.)

You can simple order DXN products from your private webshop here: http://uk.ganodermacenter.eu/webshop.php

DXN UK Office information here >>>

DXN UK presentation in April, 2016 >>>

Now you know how can you make DXN UK order and registration. If you have any more question or need more help. please get in touch with us here!

DXN UK Office has been open

DXN UK Office has been open

There are some changes, for the newest information, please click here: https://dxnganodermacoffee.us/dxn-uk/dxn-uk-office-ganoderma-coffee-business

These are old info below, please click the link above ⬆

DXN UK Service Centre has been open  in Swindon

If you would like to be a DXN member and join DXN from the UK, just fill out this registration form here (this means that we will be your sponsor):

Then place an order here: http://uk.dxnganodermacoffee.com/products
Same DXN UK homepages are available for all European DXN Members – just order it from the intranet.

The office is based at the address: 33 Morris Str, Swindon, Wiltshire, SN2 2HU.

The official contact person of the DXN UK Office is: Dr. Varga Miklós Sándor
His phone number: 07809868569
His E-mail address: homeohun@gmail.comganodermashopuk@gmail.com.

DXNUKDXNLondonDXNEnglandIf you are already a DXN Member:

The INTRANET  has been set  specially for UK members and you can find it at the address:
www.uk.ganodermacenter.eu     (you can use the same username and password as before).

Please, visit this link if you want to place the order with the delivery place in the UK.
At this link, you can set your order in GBP currency.


DXN products shipping fee: 
– If you place the order in the amount of 200 GBP and more, the courier cost is free.
– In the case of the order in the amount below 200 GBP, the courier cost charged is 7,99 GBP.

From November 6th, 2015, the courier costs for the courier deliveries in the UK, for one individual package, are set as follows:

  • weight below 2 kg: 4,40 GBP,
  • if the weight is over 2 kg and also the amount is below 200 GBP: 7,99 GBP,
  • if the amount is over 200 GBP: courier free.

Delivery time usually: one day with Royal Mail 1st class, but over  2 kg packages they use MyHermes, which could take 5 days, but usually 2-3 days. (Sometimes they send the products with Parcelforce or UPS too.)

The way of payment are :  
– By bank transfer: Barclays Bank
Acc; Homeo Hun Ltd
Bank code: 20-50-82
Bank account: 83082970
– By Paypal: homeohun@gmail.com
We prepare for you also the option of payment via Credit Card.

For those who wish to purchase in person in London DXN UK Service Centre, of course, they can visit the office, but please, make an appointment before visiting on phone number 07809868569.
This will ensure that you are given the service you need and the required products are in stock.

There is a great new opportunity that DXN is in the UK now – Meet this exotic coffee and Ganoderma lucidum (also known as Reishi or Lingzhi) consumed by more than 6,000,000 people worldwide today, known and consumed by more and more people in Europe day by day and now in the UK too.

If you are already a DXN member, and you want to order from the UK, just read this.

Join us now worldwide here!