DXN Australia order and registration information

DXN Australia order and registration information

DXN Ganoderma products and DXN Business are also avaible in Australia.

DXN Australia

Update: Here is a new registration and online method to join and order DXN products from Australia and New Zealand.

Join DXN from Australia and New Zealand on this link: https://eworld.dxn2u.com/index.php?r=account/register&mc=310007879

DXN orders can be made online through eWorld system, through email or over the phone by calling the DXN Australian office.

DXN Australia Office General Contact Information:
Mailing address:
DXN International Australia Pty. Ltd.
Suite 504, Level 5, Office Tower Westfield Shoppingtown
159-175 Church St Parramatta NSW 2150 Australia.

Phone numbers:
Tel : +61 2 9689 2755
Fax : +61 2 9689 1755

Toll-Free numbers:
(use these number for phone DXN orders only)
Australia : 1 800 666 173
New Zealand : 0 800 449 836

Email to the office: dxnmail@dxnaus.com.au

New members from Australia could join DXN online via the link: https://eworld.dxn2u.com/index.php?r=account/register&mc=310007879
Sponsor code: 310007879 Farago Istvan (If you choose us as your DXN sponsor.)

After you made the online registration on the eWorld and you logged in you can choose from 4 Membership Packs
1. KIT A  – AU$ 31.70 / NZ$ 34.40
DXN Australia Basic Member Pack
Membership Folder + Ganozhi Toothpaste

2. KIT B – AU$ 135.20 / NZ$ 162.30
DXN Australia Health Member Pack
Membership Folder, Toothpaste +
RG 90 and GL 90

3.KIT C – AU$ 144.30 / NZ$ 173.30
DXN Australia Family member Pack
Membership Folder, Toothpaste +
RG & GL 30, Oil, Shampoo, Black Coffee, RGT & Soap

Our DXN sponsor code: 310007879  Farago Istvan

Join DXN now!  https://eworld.dxn2u.com/index.php?r=account/register&mc=310007879

If you need the Australian price list, order form and application form, or if you have any more question, just send me an e-mail to stefcoffee@gmail.com

DXN International use the “One World – One Market” conception

DXN International use the “One World – One Market” conception

Have you ever dreamed about having a huge DXN international business?

How can you use the benefits of the internet and DXN business?


Now here is the solution:

You don’t need to travel to all countries (but of course later you can visit your team-mates) – just use the internet and free online tools:

Have DXN international homepages in Europe in 16 languages for FREE!
Like these:
In English: http://dxnganodermacoffee.com/business_opportunity
In Spanish: http://cafeganodermadxn.es/business_opportunity
In Italian: http://ganodermacaffe.dxnitaly.com/business_opportunity
In German: http://www.meine.dxnganodermakaffee.com/business_opportunity

+ if you live in Dubai you could have a same, what you can only use  there, the webshop is costumized to fit the Gulf Area’s market.

And if you live in Australia and New Zealand:, you also have the possibility to have a homepage like this: http://www.dxnaus.com.au/replicate/repl_form.php

DXN has 48 international branches and stockists worldwide – I have the newest list (2013, May) – if you need it just drop me a message to my e-mail address: stefcoffee@gmail.com

DXN products are delivered to over 150 countries.

After registration you also have possibility to order products here: http://networkmlm.dxn2u.com/mainpage/index.php
You can find a complett user guide for this here: http://www.youblisher.com/p/667537-DXN-Network-User-Guide-you-may-use-our-ID-to-join-310007879/
DXN Network User Guide - you may use our ID to join: 310007879

Thousands of people are looking for a real opportunity of making money on the internet.


To make money on the internet you only need three things:

  1. A marketable product or service.
  2. A well-working, well-designed website with webshop and some other way of ordering
  3. Stable  customer base, because we want long term success

If any of the above conditions is missing, the online money making will not work.

I have got  good news, we can provide you all of  with the three conditionsi.

  1. A Most of the adult population consumes coffee, or to be more specific they are addicted to coffee. We have an alternative, a coffee which has beneficial effect, and there is a great need for it.
  2. In cooperation with great professionals retail website has been created, which you can also experience, after you have read these lines  and fill out the registration form. Furthermore, it can be yours for free.
  3. People will give up the consumption of excise goods last. Your costumers soon will not be addicted to coffee, but DXN ganoderma coffee. Do you know a more stable business?

We are well aware that online networking has a lot of artifices. Your success is our interest, so can be sure that we teach you everything –  for free – you need to be successful.

Congratulations for your choice! By clicking here you can make (administer) your first step to your success.

Just choose where you live:

Join DXN from Europe:


Join DXN from the USA:

A. Online If you have a valid US Social Security ID number, you can join here in the DXN US System :
Sponsor DXN ID number: 310007879
Sponsor name: Farago Istvan
More information: http://dxnganodermacoffee.us/join-dxn

Join DXN from Australia and New Zealand:

You can join online here:
Sponsor DXN ID number: 310007879
Sponsor name: Farago Istvan

Join DXN from all over the world

We will be your DXN sponsor, who help you in everything!
Sponsor DXN ID number: 310007879
Sponsor name: Istvan Farago
Than send ma an e-mail to stefcoffee@gmail.com – and I can send you more information about products or we can start your training for your success!