DXN Life EU Magazine – Issue 8

DXN Life EU Magazine


The content of the 8th issue of DXN Life EU Magazine:

  • Welcome Letter From Dato’ Dr. Lim Siow Jin:“This is an exciting time to be with DXN. We sustain the growth and enable progress around the globe. YOU are the one making DXN proudly standing on the top of the world in time to come!
  • Exclusive interview with Dato’ Dr. Lim Siow Jin
  • Interview with Mr. Jijith NK “Have you ever imagined being always on the road between four continents, different cultures, different time zones, countless languages and various business styles? Well, this is part of what Mr. Jijith NK, DXN’s International Marketing Director does. In this interview he is going to share interesting details about his life with us, as well as exciting news for our market!
  • A DXN WOW Factor: the IV. European Leadership CampIn DXN you very often feel like this business is WOW and it becomes your number one passion. The motto of the IV. European Leadership Camp was “Share your passion”
  • DXN Business Builders’ Day in Hungary 
  • DXN business building in Sweden
  • The grand opening of the Turkish market: On May 22, 2016 DXN officially opened the Turkish market with an unforgettable event. People arrived from all parts of the country and as Dr. Lim said it was more like an anniversary than an opening event!
  • Dr. Rajesh Savera’s Slovakian Tour:May is the month of love and it has been also the month of special trainings for DXN Slovakia. Dr. Rajesh Savera, an Ayurveda physician, psychotherapist and counselor from India, who also happens to be the international wellness trainer for DXN honoured us with his presence.
  • DXN Products
  • 300 PPV Club 2016
  • Qualified members from Europe
  • II Anniversary DXN Spain

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