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in the 9th issue of DXN Life Magazine European Edition

online DXN news

The content of the 9th issue of DXN Life EU Magazine:

  • Welcome letter from Dato’ Dr. Lim Siow Jin “It is a very great year for DXN! We are expanding to more than 180 countries worldwide and our big family consists of more than 6 million members, and it is increasing daily. We are also having huge development and progress in China; our future is never limited and we are realising our BIG dream together with all your effort and contribution.
  • Interview with Crown Ambassador Mr. Sophon Tasara Mr. Sophon is the first Crown Ambassador of Thailand and he has been doing this business since 2000. 16 years later, he is still passionately working in DXN with his family and training his future Crown Ambassadors!
  • Interview with Greek Triple Diamond Giorgos Koutalas Mr. Koutalas is surely one of the most passionate DXN business builders. We had the chance to hear the story of his passion and success live at the IV. European Leadership Camp in Italy. Now it’s time to learn more details about his DXN life!
  • 4th Family Day in Slovakia The day we all had been waiting for – 23rd of July 2016 – Slovak Family Day. The place of choice was Sebedražie in the middle of Slovakia. A picturesque serene place with many small ponds full of fishes green lush vegetation.
  • The VIII. Hungarian Family Day Get together with your family and other DXN families, bake and taste healthy and delicious pastries and cakes, participate in funny games and laugh with the others: this is what a DXN Family Day is about!
  • DXN Colombia’s III. Anniversary We couldn’t miss sharing the story and the pictures of DXN Colombia’s 3rd anniversary, a clear demostration of the fact that DXN is best global business opportunity!
  • Slovak Tasting Project DXN products belong among the products of every day usage. Our ambition is to show our members, how is it possible to use the DXN products daily – for cooking and baking, for personal hygiene, and as cosmetics.
  • László Kócsó CA in Poland 
  • DXN presentation in London
  • DXN and me
  • DXN Product Focus: DXN Maca Vita Café, Cordypine and Aloe V Aqua Gel
  • Qualified members from Europe – We are there too, as new EDD. hurrayedddxn
  • 300 PPV Club 2016.
  • International DXN Life moments
  • 5th anniversary DXN Greece

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