Happy 20th Anniversary DXN!

Happy 20th Anniversary DXN!

Let’s celebrate 20th Anniversary DXN! 1993 – 2013

Several DXN members come together from all over the world to celebrate together this wonderful event in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 17. November, 2013.

Just check out this video and enjoy the show, how happy was everybody to being part of the huge DXN family and also this great moment, the 20th anniversary DXN.

There were special programmes and all DXN Crown Ambassadors come together:

There were also a very nice and special couple, our European leaders – who are the fastest DXN Crown Ambassador in DXN’s history, they reached it in 5 years. They are great friends of us, and a really good exampler. We are following them on the path of DXN success.

The source of the picture – click for the link

You can watch their presentation on the 20th Anniversary DXN:


Dr. Lim the CEO of DXN: “20 years ago, when we started DXN, we started a dream. So we dreamed to be free – free from disease, free from financial problem… now we are living this dreams…” You can watch the whole message in this video:

You can see on this picture Dr. Lim with his wife and with DXN Crown Ambassadors on the 20th Anniversary DXN:

Happy 20th Anniversary DXN! Say Hello to Freedom!

Next to the celebration DXN leaders had time for some rest at wonderful places, and also had possibility to work as they really love to do it. 🙂 Remember on that: if you love your job, you never need to work again, this could be your lifestyle too.

This is the real DXN lifestyle and DXN online business building:
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Would you like to be the part of this success?

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New DXN Song: See You At The Top in DXN

New DXN Song: See You At The Top in DXN

new DXN song

New DXN Song 1.: 

See You At The Top in DXN (DXN 20th Anniversary Theme Song)

Listen it here: [sc_embed_player fileurl=”http://www.dxn2u.com/gallery/song/See-You-at-The-Top-in-DXN(high-quality).mp3″]

Lyrics of the New DXN Song:

I am searching for the light
I am looking for a guide
To end the sleepless night
To live in debtless life

For the absolute wellness
For the financial freedom
That’s a global family
Caring for you and me

With love and care
We share the way of health
With faith and trust
We build the way of wealth

One World One Market
We are getting connected
Stay focus in One Mind
In unity we work and strive

Say hello to the rising sun
Good Morning to everyone
Say hello to freedom
See you at the top in DXN

One World One Market
We are getting connected
Stay focus in One Mind
In unity we work and strive

Don’t look left don’t look right
But look straight into DXN
Say hello to freedom
See you at the top in DXN

Say hello to freedom
See you at the top in DXN


New DXN Song Karaoke Music Video:

I made a video with this song about our DXN Spanish Seminar and about some wonderful day. Just watch it:


New DXN Song 2.:

Say Hello to The Rising Sun

Listen it here: [sc_embed_player fileurl=”http://www.dxn2u.com/gallery/song/Say-Hello-to-The-Rising-Sun(high-quality).mp3″]

Marching forwards with passion and with pride
Being healthy and having cheerful life
That’s the dream everyone can realise
Simplicity rules the world

Hand in hand we sow the seeds of hope
Building friendship with love and with trust
Flying high and we could touch the sky
Making changes for mankind

We have found the way of health
The way of endless wealth
With happiness and joyous smile
Let’s come and sing together

Say hello to the rising sun
Big goodbye to the darkness night
Say hello to freedom

It’s the way we work and strive
One World One Market and One Mind
With our hearts we say thank you

You may download the new DXN songs here as ringtone.

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DXN 20th Anniversary Photo Contest

DXN 20th Anniversary Photo Contest

What a great possibility to show the world your photos of DXN and win the great prices!

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