DXN for Nepal

DXN for Nepal

DXN for Nepal – a helping hand from the DXN Family to the victims of the earthquake in Nepal.

On 25th April 2015, we were all hit with the devastating news of a 7.8 magnitude earthquake in Nepal. Within a few short days, the death toll in Nepal has risen to more than a few thousand victims. It is considered one of the worst earthquakes of this decade with many left destitute. Century-old buildings have crumbled. People have lost their homes and livelihood. Many are struggling without basic necessities like food, water, medication and shelter. In addition, relief and rescue efforts are hampered due to powerful aftershocks.

dxnfornepalWe, at DXN, are deeply saddened by the plight of our Nepalese brothers and sisters and we would like to do what we can to help them. We know we are not alone in this sentiment and that all of our DXN leaders around the world in Asia, America, Europe and Africa feel the same as us. Many of our leaders have families in Nepal and as one DXN Family, we need to stand by them at their hour of need. Most of us are unable to go there and help with the rescue efforts of many still trapped under the rubble or provide the medical care they desperately need but we can help through monetary means. The financial assistance we give them will aid in the purchase of food, drinks, medication and basic necessities that they need to get by, and it will also help them to rebuild their lives.

Our DXN philosophy has always been to help one another, hence we would like to seek your goodwill to donate generously to the DXN Nepal Earthquake Fund. DXN promises to meet your charitable donation by contributing the same equivalent amount of what you have donated to this fund. Those who would like to make their donation may do so by completing this form and submitting the completed form to your local DXN Branch or main stockist.

Let our thoughts and prayers be with our Nepalese brothers and sisters and those involved in the relief efforts while we give generously from our hearts.

If you decide to donate by deduction of your May bonus 2015, form to fill in.

Please fill in this form and signed send back to your nearest branch.
We believe, you feel the same way, that each donation, even if it was 1 Euro can help the area the most affected.
DXN will contribute the same equivalent amount of what every members have donated to this fund.
Thank you very much for your good will to help those, who need it the most.

Once again the form DOWNLOAD from here.

Fill it out and send back to your local DXN Branch. We already did this.

Thank you very much for your help!

DXN USA Holiday Promotion

DXN USA Holiday Promotion

First of all Happy Thanksgiving to all DXN USA Members and Friends!

In observance of the Thanksgiving Holiday, DXN USA office will be open from 9am to 2pm (PST) on Wednesday, November 26th and will be closed on Thursday, November 27th, and Friday, November 28th.
DXN US Office will reopen on Monday, December 1st at our Normal Office hours.

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My DXN Success Story about my first four years in DXN Business

My DXN Success Story about my first four years in DXN Business

MY DXN Success Story in my 5 five minutes speech

dxn success story

You may listen and read my DXN Success Story at the II. European DXN Leadership Camp in Riu Pravets Resort – Bulgaria.  Listen with your heart!

This content is protected by copyright! The author is: Faragóné Keserű Judit

“Good morning!
I welcome you all.
I am glad to be here among you!

Allow me to summarize my story and our four years in DXN business to you.

4 years ago I had a dream……to work from home through the Internet. At this point both of my children were still home with me. First I learned the steps of starting an online enterprise on a course made specifically for mothers, after which I registered to DXN in the summer of 2010, and started building my own online business.

It wasn’t easy… But I knew I was on the right track.

Using the opportunities provided by the Internet, I built a large international business… Today, I have more than 4000 team members from 60 countries.

But they are not merely numbers and datasets. They are real, living, breathing people… Who drink their coffee every day… Who take action for their health, who work for it every day… and who also take action to achieve their dreams and goals. And I am deeply grateful for them.

I have come to realize that we have a choice. A choice between illness and health, between poverty and wealth, between a life going nowhere, and one that is full of true value. I found a solution that allowed me to take my life into my own hands, one that allowed me to build, as a mother, from home, with like-minded team-mates, helping them, an international business that spans 60 countries and develops constantly. And I am gladly willing to share its secrets with all those who seek this knowledge.

I wish to be a positive example, for those who strive to succeed in similar fields of operation. I build my enterprise with passion and with my whole heart; I look for ways to constantly improve and to help others as well towards a better life. I would like to prove that with the right attitude, know-how, strong faith and hard work we can reach goals we truly deserve.

Wherever in the world we may live, we are all such that we wish to live a life of value. The business vision of DXN is to promote health, wealth and that it is available to all. It matters not, what your profession is, where you live, what religion you follow or of what age you are. The real question is, whether or not you wish to improve your own life and the life of others.

If you know what will make you and your environment more hopeful, happy and healthy, it is your responsibility to take action for it.

Us here, and millions around the world, met an opportunity which allows us to make the world a better place. There is something that links us all. This is DXN.

I am glad that you belong with us, in the family of DXN. Thank you for your presence here today. I wish you success and a beautiful day.”


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DXN USA New DXN Products Launch

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DXN Cares – Charity donation from DXN to the calamity victims

DXN Cares – Charity donation from DXN to the calamity victims

DXN cares: Call For Donation to the Philippines Calamity Victims

The Philippines suffered recently from ill-fated calamities including Bohol earthquake and powerful tropical cyclone named as ‘Yolanda’, the fourth strongest typhoon ever recorded, which devastated the central part of the Philippines, particularly the Eastern Visayas, with death toll of 5,600 people to date.

Most of the victims were either drowned or crushed by collapsed structures and trees as the storm surged six to seven meters high swallowing the coastal areas of Tacloban on Leyte island, which is the commercial, education and government hub of the Eastern Visayas.

During the ITSI seminar in the conference hall of Club Med Resort in Pahang, Malaysia on November 19, 2013, our CEO Dato’ Dr. Lim Siow Jin has announced the charity donation from DXN to the calamity victims. He has also urged the delegates from various overseas DXN branches to donate a 5% amount from their one month bonus to help the victims rebuild their homelands. He has also declared that the company will also allot an equivalent sum of whatever the amount that every member has contributed to the victims by this bonus deduction.

As of to date, DXN International Private Ltd. has voluntarily donated Peso 1 million to the unfortunate victims of calamities on last November 13, 2013 at the foundation’s donation office.
Standing on humanitarian grounds we urge all members to donate generously to assist the relief of these victims and to help them rebuild their homelands. Members who wish to make the contribution to the charity donation may complete the below form and submit the completed form to DXN local branch office /main stockist office.

Thank you very much!

Here you can download the forms:

DXN donation: http://www.dxnusa.com/en/pdf/Donation-to-the-PhilippinesCalamityVictims.pdf

The Hungarian distributors who offered one part of their bonus to the victims of the Philippine catastrophe.

dxn donation

Thanks to DXN we have the possibility to help! DXN cares.