DXN Cyberville Lobby

Inspired by the essence of DXN products, Spirulina and Ganoderma, DXN Cyberville, representing the growing pattern and dynamic growth of the DXN company, is located on the hilly terrains of Cyberjaya (Malaysia) and is a fusion of agricultural innovation with modern facilities.

DXN Cyberville is designed in intelligently operated environments, driving innovation to reduce carbon emissions, improve occupier comfort and extend building performance which follows the guidelines of the Green Building Index.

DXN Cyberville provides multifunctional event halls for meetings, incentives, conferences & exhibitions.

DXN Cybelville

This is how dreams come true in DXN.

When it was just a plan.

This is the complete building with a drone video.

Cyberjaya is a planned city located in the Sepang district of the state of Selangor, Malaysia. It is situated about 30 km south of Kuala Lumpur, the capital city of Malaysia.

Cyberjaya was established in the late 1990s as a hub for high-tech industries and the development of Malaysia’s multimedia super corridor (MSC), a flagship government program aimed at fostering the growth of the country’s technology industry. Today, Cyberjaya is home to many technology and multinational companies, as well as educational institutions, research and development centers, and government agencies.

The city is designed as a smart city, with advanced infrastructure and digital technology incorporated into its planning and operations. It also features residential areas, parks, and recreational facilities for its residents and visitors.

Overall, Cyberjaya is a significant center for technology and innovation in Malaysia and the wider Southeast Asian region.

DXN Cyberville is not only a business center with large event halls, but it also has its own accommodations.

Fully equipped with the latest amenities such as a buggy car, gym, cafe, and swimming pool. You can even organize your stay to coincide with the conference or wedding that you are attending at the halls.

DXN Cyberville Conference Room

DXN Cyberville is the right place for a long retreat, with a big space and a training center for members gathering and treatment through Ganotherapy and Natural Health Management methods using a wide range of DXN Products.

DXN Cyberville Room
DXN Cyberville Gym
DXN Cyberville Pool

DXN Cyberville property details:

Building 1 comprises a 3-storey Wellness & Retreat Centre :

  • Training rooms accommodating more than 1,500 visitors
  • Sales counter and warehouse
  • Consultation rooms
  • VIP lounges
  • DXN Gallery
  • Helipad

Building 2 comprises 10 storeys of Apartments and 2 storeys for recreational activities.

The Apartments are as follows :

  • Type A – 100 units of Studio Apartments
  • Type B – 45 units of 3-Bedroom Apartments
  • Type C – 5 units of 1-Bedroom Apartments

Including the open plaza area, DXN Cyberville can accommodate about 6,000 visitors.

The 30th Anniversary of DXN will be in 2023, and we will celebrate this grand event at DXN Cyberville in Malaysia.
Datuk Dr. Lim has informed us, that 10 000 members from all over the world can participate in this event.

  • The anniversary will be held in conjunction with the worldwide ITSI. (We already have the double qualifications.)
  • Accommodations for the large group of ITSI members will be this trip organized in a few batches pre and post the 30th anniversary event.

This grand event will be held on 15th October 2023 (Sunday).

We would be happy to meet you there.

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