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We are DXN Leaders and DXN Sponsors: Judit and Istvan

Actually, we are DXN Gold Diamonds (8 diamond lines with 43 diamonds)our team consists of more than 22.000 DXN members and according to e-World, they come from 148 different countries.
Although it was us who plant the first seeds, this is the result of amazing teamwork, in which the results and the values of the individuals sum up and we reach growth and success only by supporting and helping each other.

Who we are?

Judit Faragóné Keserű – DXN Gold Diamond

  • Wife, Mother of 2
  • Economist, business manager
  • Online marketing expert
  • Hobbies: Bullet Journal, reading, photography, video editing, writing


István Faragó – DXN Gold Diamond


For us, DXN is the first and the last MLM company in our life, we have plans for a lifetime with DXN and even for generations. Things get easier when you feel that you are in the right place, that you found what you had been looking for, when you feel committed to the company, the great products, and your teammates.

We build our DXN business mostly online – we have several websites, blogs, Facebook pages in different languages. But we are also open to personal consultations and meetings as well.

Technology is one thing, but emotions also matter a great deal. We are the happiest if we can share our experiences, our successes, our lives.
It is a great feeling to see where our teammates are going. To see what’s becoming of them. To see them develop as people, as well as businessmen and businesswomen.
To not merely share their struggles and work; but also to share their joy, their success, to support them at their worst, but also celebrate them at their best.
It is great to belong. And to feel this sense of belonging. And that is just what DXN holds for us. Because these relationships are things that money cannot buy.

DXN give us our freedom – 6 years in DXN business

The secret of our success:

We are leading by example, we improve ourselves, our skills, and our personality.
And we help our teammates to do the same and teach them how can they be successful in this area, and how can they live in health and true wealth a better life. There are many devices, free online tools, and methods that are available and the DXN company gives an excellent background.
But what really important is to have your ‘why’ so you can reach your dreams, what you really deserve.

Why choose us and our team as DXN Sponsors?

If you are interested in the DXN products, we can help you with how to order them cheaper. We can share great testimonials and videos about Ganotherapy and a lot of useful information on how to have a healthier life.
If you would like to get the products cheaper, later for free or you would like to earn money and change your life with this business opportunity: we can show you step-by-step how to successfully begin and operate your own profitable home-based business, and take control of your life and your future! Finally, making money from home is within your reach!
For us, being a part of DXN means that we participate in something bigger than ourselves, in the dreams and success of other people. With DXN we discovered another way of entrepreneurship in which you can reach your dream lifestyle without taking any risks, by using your skills, creativity, and time by helping others to reach their goals.

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