Happy DXN Moments

We enjoy the everyday life and our DXN lifestyle, but sometimes there are happy DXN moments when we can be kids again, and just play games, dance, laugh and feel we are really free.

Just enjoy your life with DXN!

During the V. European DXN Leadership Camp from 15-17. May in Hungary, Siófok, we had many chance to feel how great could be our life, when we are together with amazing, lovely and funny people.

This is the official video of the V. European DXN Camp: https://youtu.be/cEg7wvXLNjM

Let’s watch more funny and happy DXN moments!

During an interview he had the possibility to tell in one word:

  • What DXN means for us? 
  • Who is our hero?
  • Which DXN product is our favourite one?
  • Which DXN product does not we really like?
  • What was our job before DXN?
  • And who is the funniest people in DXN?

Guess what was the answers… You can watch them in this video:

DXN – One Word – One World – One Family

On the afternoon of the second day we had a DXN Team Building at Lake Balaton.  There were 5 groups, and 5 different games – and we had 120 minutes around the globe… We were the teamleaders of the orange group, and there were such a great games – like ‘surfing’, making a beautiful fan from paper, playing football – when you are in huge balls, or dress up somebody, as a real African man or woman… We enjoyed them very much.
Happy DXN Moments
At the end of the games there were a fashion show for the African dressed people, and finally everbody was dancing together. It was so funny and we enjoyed it very much. So just let’s dance and watch this video to feel the happiness:

After the team building some of us went to the pools to have some rest and fun, and than we dressed up for the gala dinner. There were colorful liquid in our glasses, but not for drinking. Check out what he have done with them:

DXN Gala dinner and music together


I have a top secret video about the dancing part. Oh, I love it. Just drop me a message, and I can send it to you, but it’s not for public. You can imagine how great and amazing was it.

We could dance not just in the evening, but there is a special dance from Budiman Salim, what can you do anytime when you are in a bad mood, and need a little motivation.
The Budiman Dance

Ok, DXN business is not just about money, but it’s important to know, that you can earn good money with DXN, to have real freedom in life. If money is not that important to you, just think about that how many people can you help – also as a charity.

Just be, who you really are, and be the best version of yourself. That happy, funny and lovely person.

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