DXN KalloW Cosmetics

DXN KalloW Cosmetics

DXN KalloW Cosmetics

We are delighted to announce the much-anticipated launch of our new Greek cosmetics series, DXN Kallow Cosmetics!

Embrace the beauty of plant-based cosmetics with the DXN Kallow cosmetics series, a collection designed to lift, moisturize, repair, heal and tone the skin.

Eacosmeticsch product is crafted with multi-active, high-performance natural ingredients to bring out the best in your skin.

The inspiration for DXN Kallow Cosmetics comes from the harmonious coexistence of the human body and soul with nature. 

The new DXN cosmetics are infused with the essence of this connection, offering you a skincare experience that goes beyond the surface.

Experience the difference:

Explore the magic of DXN Kallow Cosmetics and indulge in the power of nature’s finest ingredients.

From soothing cleansers to luxurious oils, each product is crafted with care to elevate your skincare routine.

Introducing the DXN Kallow Cosmetics Series:

1. SC081 DXN Kallow – Aloe & Chamomile Instant Foaming Cleanser
2. SC082 DXN Kallow – Instant Tightening Serum
3. SC083 DXN Kallow – Argan & Grapeseed Oil Hydrating Face Cream
4. SC087 DXN Kallow – Divine Touch Lifting Impact Eye Cream
5. SC086 DXN Kallow – High Protection Face Sunscreen SPF 50+
6. SC084 DXN Kallow – Sage & Witch Hazel Micellar Cleansing Tonic Water
7. SC088 DXN Kallow – Divine Touch Lifting Impact Face Serum
8. SC089 DXN Kallow – Divine Touch Lifting Impact Face Cream
9. SC085 DXN Kallow – Spirulina & Avocado Hydrating Face Mask
10. SC090 DXN Kallow – Divine Touch Nourishing Night Oil
11. SC091 DXN Kallow – Divine Touch Multi-Purpose Dry Oil
12. SC092 DXN Kallow – Luxury Aromatic Shower Gel
13. SC093 DXN Kallow – Luxury Aromatic Body Lotion
14. SC094 DXN Kallow – Moisturizing Lip Balm
15. SC095 DXN Kallow – Nourishing Hand Cream
16. SC096 DXN Kallow – Essential Sunscreen Emulsion SPF 30
17. SC097 DXN Kallow – Natural Tanning Oil
18. SC098 DXN Kallow – Cooling After Sun

KalloW DXN Cosmetics

Unveil the beauty of DXN Kallow Cosmetics and embrace the radiance of nature.

Judit Faragóné Keserű – DXN Crown Diamond

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New Korean DXN Cosmetics

New Korean DXN Cosmetics

Long-awaited New Korean DXN Cosmetics are available soon.

New Korean DXN Cosmetics

One World | One Beauty

DXN Gempyuri – for shiny skin like a jewel through the gift of nature.

G1: Application of excellent fermentation technology to natural ingredients
DXN Gempyuri contains natural ingredients of pure supernatural energy and works with the skin cells. A natural cosmetic brand with ultimate high-performance developed that will help to optimize the skin condition.

G2: Application of ‘Hydrolyzed RNA’ technology, similar to the human proteome
RNA is a component that controls the production of various substances for the skin. It also plays a role in giving skin rejuvenation and regeneration.

G3: Natural herbal preservatives
Consistent research and development over ten years has resulted in high technology, first patented as a natural preservative in the nation.

More information from the official DXN website.

DXN M Miracle – Vitality of the sea into your skin with Marine Liposome

DXN M Miracle Korean CosmeticsDeep sea water algae, also known as the “herb of the ocean”.
A skincare series that helps penetrate ingredients of marine resources, such as collagen, deep into the skin through liposome technology.

5 Core Technologies:

1. Marine Herb Complex: Microalgae provides antioxidant substances such as the enzyme, peptide, and natural substance, ‘MMAs (My-cosporine-like Aminoacids)’ by itself. MMAs absorbs UV rays to provide sun protection.

2. Marine Collagen: Marine Collagen is a collagen derived from marine elements like seaweed and algae. Such marine collagen can be found in our M Miracle Marine Liposome Skin Care Series and are generally used to improve skin condition.

3. Deep Sea Water: Deep seawater was taken from the Natural Energy Laboratory of Hawaii Authority, the world’s largest deep-sea water-industrial complex.

4. Peptide Complex: Promotes synthesis of collagen by using Peptide Complex 

5. Liposome: Liposome technology applied in products acts as a vehicle guiding the beneficial properties from ingredients to be delivered into the skin layers, offering an enhancement of bioavailability, biocompatibility, and efficacy of skin care products significantly.

More information from the official DXN website.

DXN Mask Pack – Essential masks

DXN Gempyuri Mask helps to revitalize and brighten up the skin.
· Brightens and improves skin tone
· Revitalizing and moisturizing effect
DXN Tea Tree Essential Mask helps to calm and tranquilize your skin for a refreshing look.
· Improves skin appearance
· Instantly soothes skin
DXN Cacao Essential Mask helps to vitalize skin, soften skin and improves skin elasticity.
· Supports skin elasticity
· Vitalizes and softens skin

Soft Tencel Mask Sheet is extracted from eucalyptus tree and it is soft, breathable, lightweight and comfortable.
The mask sheet comes in smooth and silky, soft surface that drapes beautifully to flatter every part of your face.


Learn more about the new Korean DXN Cosmetics personally!

Korean DXN Cosmetics Training

Date: 9. December 2018, 10 AM – 5 PM 

Program: Professional trainers from Korea will teach you more about skin care, application of the products to ensure results and you will learn a lot of useful information, which will help you sell these new products.

Price: 30 EUR

Place: Continental Hotel Budapest****Superior, Budapest, VII., Dohány Street 42-44.


The same trainings will be in these countries:
December 9th Budapest – Hungary
December 11th Warsaw – Poland
December 14th Athens – Greece
December 15th Vimercate – Italy
December 16th Madrid – Spain

Korean DXN Cosmetics Show

Date: 9. December 2018, 6 PM – 8 PM 

Program: The celebration of new DXN cosmetics being introduced to the market and learn more about the new products!

Price: Free

Place: Continental Hotel Budapest****Superior, Budapest, VII., Dohány Street 42-44.


You should ask your nearest DXN office when Korean DXN Cosmetics are available in your country. Sales start 10. December in Europe.

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