DXN Dubai promotion package for Italian DXN members and DXN Italy Office opened

DXN Dubai promotion package for Italian DXN members and DXN Italy Office opened

DXN Italy SRL opened the DXN Italian office in Rome.

Source of the pictures:  Laszlo Kocso Facebook Photo Page 

The address of the DXN Italy Branch office:
00199 Rome, Via Tigré, 56/58
Tel : +390686206957
Mobile : +393298481233
E-Mail : office@dxnitaly.com 
Contact Person : Ms Krisztina

Opening hours from Monday to Friday: 9 am – 6 pm

The lecture room, which is next to the office is available by appointment, even outside of the opening hours.

DXN products’ delivery start from 2013, 1. November.

Shipping conditions:
Over 100 EUR order and via bank transfer:  there is no shipping fee, so it’s free.
Over 130 EUR order and via COD:  there is no shipping fee, so it’s free.
Smaller orders between 5 -100 EUR and via bank transfer:  6 EUR
Smaller orders between 5 -100 EUR and via COD:  10 EUR

My italian DXN homepage: http://italia.dxnganodermacoffee.com/

My team-mate italian homepage: http://dxnitaliano.eu/


DXN Dubai promotion package for Italian DXN members (italiano: http://dxnitaliano.eu/dxn-italia/dxn-pacchetto-promozionale-dubai)


  1. Buy a “DXN Dubai Promotion Pack” between 24th October and 31st December, 2013.
  2. 6 of your direct downlines should buy “DXN Dubai Promotion Pack”
  3. Out of your 6 direct downlines at least 4 should have 6 direct downlines, who buy “DXN Dubai Promotion Pack”
  4. Out of these 4 downlines at least 2 direct downlines should have 6 direct downlines, who buy “DXN Dubai Promotion Pack”

Promotional Package Dubai is avaible from 5. November to 31. December, 2013!

DXN Dubai Packages  contains:
2 GL-360 capsules
2 RG-360 capsules
2 Spirulina 500 tablets
1 Lion’s Mane 120 Tablets

Price: 500 EUR (including VAT)
SV: 238 EUR (net)
PV: 710

The Dubai Promotional Package is available only for Italian DXN members!

Check out the video about DXN Dubai promotion package for Italian DXN members in English:

Check out the video about DXN Dubai promotion package for Italian DXN members in Italian:

Join DXN here in Europe: http://dxnganodermacoffee.com/member_registration_private

Join DXN here in Italy: http://italia.dxnganodermacoffee.com/member_registration_private

DXN Italia

DXN Italia

DXN Italy has a great success story

DXN Italy started in 2013 – in Rome.
DXN Italia La Cerimonia Ufficiale Di Apertura 2013 Roma

DXN Italy celebrated its 9th anniversary in 2022.
DXN Italia ha celebrato il suo 9° anniversario nel 2022.

My story with DXN Italy
When DXN started in Italy, I had a nice teammate, who can speak Italian well. We made an Italian DXN homepage and an Italian Facebook page, and we managed to have over 1000 Italian DXN members, some of them managed to reach the Star Diamond level. It was a great time!

I was also a speaker on the 1st anniversary of DXN Italy.

Unfortunately, time flies, and many of them don’t continue doing DXN business. But I am still here, and active in DXN, and I am ready to be a contribution to somebody, who lives in Italy and can speak English.

DXN Italy’s 1st Anniversary – Verona 2014

The 4. European DXN Leadership Camp was in Italy in 2016.

Would you like to be a part of this success?

Volete partecipare a questo successo?

Join DXN

We have 14 years of experience in DXN business building and we can give you online support.
Just get in touch and see if we can work together well.

Official DXN Italy Pages:

Pagine ufficiali DXN Italia:

You can have the same replicated DXN website, that you can order from your eWorld back office,
and your link will look like this: https://www.dxn2u.eu/pws/yourDXNID
You need to order it first, then it will work.

DXN Italy Office contact details:

Address: Via Genova, 25 – 00184 Roma, Italy
Phone: +39 06 42989362 /+39 373 7239240
Email: dxnitaly@dxnitaly.com / assistenza@dxnitaly.com
Country manager: Mr. Giuseppe Girlando

Why is it worth joining DXN?

You can buy DXN products cheaper, at distributor price, which means about 25% discount.
(You can see the difference in the price lists between retail and distributor price.)

How to become a DXN member worldwide?
Just fill out a simple online registration.
DXN does not make a distinction between the registrations of consumers, returning customers, and business builders.
It’s up to you what would you like to do with it, it’s your decision.
After registration, you can buy your DXN products online from your eWorld webshop or personally from your local DXN office.

  • Buy the highest quality Ganoderma products with 20-30% discount – Most effective at affordable prices  and/or
  • Seizing Global Business Opportunity – low investment with unlimited income
DXN Products in the USA

Join DXN: https://eworld.dxn2u.com/index.php?r=account%2Fregister&mc=310007879
DXN Sponsor’s ID: 310007879
DXN Sponsor’s name: Faragó István

DXN Business Opportunity Meeting and DXN Marketing Plan in Italian

DXN - One World One market

Enjoy worldwide bonuses with a single membership

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They also produce, store, invoice and deliver the products, but the commission on the turnover of the products is credited to you.

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We also provide you with the methods and tools to do this.

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With the help of the Internet, you can build your business in the whole of Asia, or even in America, Africa, or even in Europe, and the delivery is done by the local offices since there are such service centers already in almost 70 countries.

This means that you can build an international business without even leaving your home or traveling abroad.

And for the turnover that your team generates worldwide, you’ll get your income accurately every month in the country where you live.