DXN Life Magazine Issue 10 – European Edition

DXN Life Magazine - Issue 10

The content of the DXN Life Magazine Issue 10:

  • Welcome letter from Dato’ Dr. Lim Siow Jin: In this competitive and challenging business environment, DXN is aware of the importance of technology to let DXN members stay connected and continuously expand the network around the world, so we will continue to upgrade and invest in our people, branches, and technology to expand our market leadership.
  • The Spanish DXN boom: Interview with Andrea Papp: Spain is one of the biggest markets for DXN and we can really say that it exploded like a bomb. And it all began with the desire of a young mother to work from home. We are so proud of her, our successful Spanish diamond. You can find her homepages here: http://cafeganodermadxn.es/ and http://ganostar.es/
  • Dr. Lim’s Visit to Germany: Dato‘ Dr. Lim Siow Jin visited Europe in October and he gave two Ganotheraphy sessions in Germany. The interest and participation were high, the Germans are willing to learn more about how to improve their health.
  • Dr. Lim in Turkey: In October Dr. Lim visited Turkey again to award the successful business builders and to teach the Turkish people about Ganotheraphy.
  • The Car Incentive Program is now active in Europe: : In October the Car Incentive Program was officially launched in Europe. To introduce this brand new motivating incentive we talked to Mr. Jijith NK, DXN’s International Marketing Director. I also write about this, you can find it here>>>
  • DXN Seminar in Slovakia It’s been a long-awaited gathering for the Slovak DXN Leaders. Every year they come together to celebrate the joy of health, wealth and happiness within DXN Slovakia Family.
  • The II. Anniversary of DXN Spain. On September 17th they celebrated the Second Anniversary of DXN Spain in Madrid. Being two years old is a very special moment in the life of every person, since, let’s say, you have just started to take your first steps, but now you start walking more safely and quickly in life.
  • 5 years of DXN in Greece On October 15th, in a very beautiful 5 Star Hotel in Thessaloniki, DXN Greece celebrated its 5th anniversary with a successful event.
  • Celebrate the Colours of LifeDXN Malaysia celebrated its 23rd year of great achievements on 16th Oct 2016. More than 2,000 distributors participated in this 23rd Anniversary event with the theme of “Celebrate the Colours of Life”.
  • All about success: the III. Hungarian Business Builders’ DayIn order to be a good networker you have to continuously train yourself. There are always new strategies to learn, new ideas to share and new stories to inspire you.
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