DXN e-World system is a brand new online system for DXN members

We are proud to introduce the DXN e-World system that integrates the e-Business, e-Point and Network System into one to ease your operation. You can access DXN e-World system at https://eworld.dxn2u.com

DXN e-World

  • DXN e-World is a One Account access for all the DXN Systems (DXN e-World and DXN APP) with the same account login.
  • The main objective is so that members can conveniently make online purchase, check Group Sales/Bonus report, recruit new members, and enjoy various features of the DXN e-World.
  • Swift periodical updates for News & Events and latest products. News & Events will be synchronized with the DXN APP notification.
  • DXN e-World can be accessed anytime and anywhere through various mediums such as mobile web and tablet browser.
  • Better security to control and protect members’ accounts.
Integration of DXN e-World and DXN APP
  • Online Purchase – Browse complete product categories and place order through secure checkout
  • Online Payment Platform – Link to Bank Payment Gateway such as Credit Card, Auto debit, Paypal, Third Party Payment Gateway
  • Recruit New Members – Register and recruit new members
  • Group Sales Reports – View/monitor the sales, status and qualification level
  • Bonus Report – Check report for bonus and sales
  • e-Point – Check e-Point account information
  • Track Shipment – Get order tracking status
  • News & Events – Get latest news and events
  • One Account access for all DXN Systems (DXN e-World and DXN APP)
  • Easy step to register an account (Membership Registered from Online Billing System or DXN e-World and activated via First Time Login)
  • Responsive function for Mobile and Tablet browser
  • More frequent interval updates for Worldwide Group Sales (PPV Report)
  • More attractive interface for the Online Purchase
  • Online Order tracking module
  • Easy to view/check e-Point Balance, contra product and bonus withdrawal
  • All types of Bonus Statement available for download
  • Latest News and Events updated from Worldwide branches
  • Online Marketing Plan for easy viewing
  • Online Recruitment of Members
  • Space for advertising new Products, new Product Promotion or any latest news from DXN
  • Monthly or Weekly bonus notification (only available for e-Point users)
  • New payment method for Bank Auto Debit function (Malaysia)

Source of this DXN E-World information: http://www.dxn2u.com/news_eworld.php

First Time Login activation is to synchronize all member access from various systems into one single account access and to capture the latest contact details from existing members. Once your account is activated, you can use the same LOGIN details to log into our DXN APP. You may download the DXN APP to enjoy the various features provided by DXN, anywhere and anytime.

More information about DXN App: http://dxnganodermacoffee.us/dxn-online/dxn-app

Note : If you have an account in ePoint, e-Business and/or Network System, you only need to do ONE TIME“First Time Login” activation.

Please note: this homepage  belongs to an independent DXN distributor – so if you have any problem with  E-world please ask your nearest DXN Office or branch, or send an e-mail to marketing@dxn2u.com


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