DXN is working continously on its online system, because it’s very important nowdays.
First the official homepage https://www.dxn2u.com/ received a brand new look.

We were waiting for the new eWorld.

We are happy to inform you, that the new DXN eWorld is live now!

new DXN eWorld


In order to serve DXN members better, DXN eWorld has been revamped. Here are the things that you can expect from the newly enhanced eWorld.

  1. Achievement
    • Summary of distributor’s achievement for the 3 latest bonus months
    • Summary of total downlines by rank, status and country for the latest bonus month
  2. New Presentation
    • Information highlighted
    • Attractive product display
    • Improvement on menu and eWorld site navigation
    • More attractive display of header and layout
    • Step-by-step guidance for new distributor registration
    • Up-to-date local and international news and events
    • Improvement of design and for dashborad summary
  3. New introduction
    • Internation Travel Seminar Incentive (ITSI)
    • Preferred Language Display
    • Local Promotions

The newly revamped DXN eWorld is here:

Here is another sneak peek at the special features of the newly revamped eWorld. This video covers the two newly introduced content in the new eWorld; TSI and Promotions.

This video covers DXN Hub, which has been enhanced from the previous menu, News and Events. Watch the video to find out how the News & Events function has been upgraded in order to serve you better and to make it easier for you to get the latest information. This video also covers the upgrade done to the “Language” function.

This video covers the DXN Marketing menu and the remaining menus of eWorld like Online Purchase, Gallery, etc.

If you are already a DXN member, and you have any question or need any help you can get in touch here with the DXN office: https://eworld.dxn2u.com/index.php?r=site/contactus

If you want to join to DXN and use this DXN eWorld for registration and order – just click on this link: eWorld registration to us  – fill out with your datas, place your order (if it’s avaible in your country).

If you need more help just get in touch with us>>>

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