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DXN UK Office and DXN UK Ganoderma Coffee Business

There is a new DXN UK Office in England.

But before I let you know all the information let me clarify this. 

If you want to buy DXN products cheaper, at distributor price, you need to make a free registration*.

* It is free to register as a member in DXN. You can buy the products without paying any registration fee.
Only if you want to do further business like registering new members under you (downlines) and enjoying your bonus, then you have to purchase a starter kit.

First, you need to choose a sponsor, who will guide you through the registration and the ordering process.

And he/she will answer all your questions about DXN products and/or the business opportunity too.

So if you do not have a sponsor yet, feel free to join us and fill out this registration form: https://eworld.dxn2u.com/index.php?r=account/register&mc=310007879

Join DXN

If you already have a sponsor (a friend, relative… somebody you know well), you should ask for his/her DXN Sponsor Code. You can click here: https://eworld.dxn2u.com/index.php?r=account/register Accept the New Distributor Application and Agreement and write the Sponsor Code in the empty field.  (Ours is 310007879)

After you fill out the registration form, you can place an order in the UK from the eWorld.

Here you can watch an eWorld user guide video:

Please understand this – always the local DXN office send the products, this is not the distributor tasks.*

*The warehousing, packaging, logistics, and delivery of products is managed by local DXN offices or the European central DXN office, this is not your task and you do not have to do anything with this, but the commission fee after each delivery is credited to your account – after your consumption, and after the commerce of your team (those joining to you and to your team members).

So if you order DXN products in the UK, and you have any question about the delivery or the payment, please contact the new DXN UK Office:

Ganoderma Service Center UK Ltd. (For eWorld orders too)

11 Litchfield Crescent, 
S018 2BJ Southampton, 
Tel : +44 7589 438223
Email: mg@mgdxn.pl, office@dxnservicecenter.co.uk 
Contact Person: Mr. Mariusz Garczarek

The other Service Center is also working. You can write or call them to order DXN products.

DXN UK Service Centre (This is just for e-mail or phone orders, not for eWorld orders)

Homeo Hun Ltd, 
33 Morris Str, Swindon, 
Wiltshire, SN2 2HU
Tel : 07548253097 / 07505067423
Email : homeohun@gmail.com, ganodermashopuk@gmail.com 
Contact Person : Dr Varga Miklós Sándor and Szilvia Csendes

The courier costs for the courier deliveries in UK, for one individual package, are set as follows:

  • weight below 2 kg: 4,40 GBP,
  • if the weight over 2 kg and also the amount below 200 GBP : 7,99 GBP,
  • if the amount over 200 GBP : courier free.

Delivery time usually: one day with Royal Mail 1st class, but over  2 kg packages they use MyHermes, which could take 5 days, but usually 2-3 days. (Sometimes they send the products with Parcelforce or UPS too.)

Are you already a DXN member, but not in our team?

Maybe you move to Europe, you live here, and you would like to get DXN products, and you already joined to DXN, but not as our team-member?  First, you need check if you can log in the eWorld. If you can’t please contact with the DXN UK Office. If you do not live in the UK, please contact your local office. You can find the contact information here: https://www.dxn2u.com/contact/index.php?lang=en 

DXN focus more on England and the UK, so there will be meetings soon.

DXN wellness and business presentation will be in London, UK 28 January 2018 1:00 PM.

DXN UK Office Datas
Source of this picture

There is a huge opportunity for you with DXN in the UK too. We would be happy to guide you along this road to success.

Join DXN

Join DXN information >>>

Buy DXN products information >>>

If you have any question, contact us now >>>

I wish to be a positive example for those who wish to succeed in similar fields of operation. I build my enterprise from heart and with passion, which mostly consists of how I can constantly improve and help others as well towards a better life. I would like to prove that with the right attitude, know-how, strong faith and hard work we can reach goals we truly deserve.

  1. Good morning DXN UK waving from Dxn Dubai.


    • Good Morning! Yes, these products are available in Dubai, but not in Europe. Maybe when you visit each other – somebody could buy and give them. The product licensing depends on the European laws and the DXN offices. We hope more and more DXN products will be available in Europe too.

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