6. European DXN Leadership Camp Slovakia 2018

6. European DXN Leadership Camp Slovakia 2018

Here you can find the highlights of the 

6. European DXN Leadership Camp Slovakia 2018

Hotel X-Bionic Sphere was an amazing place for this: “Discover a place where the combination of luxury, pleasant atmosphere and breath-taking energy is an absolute must. X-BIONIC® HOTEL will satisfy the needs of every visitor from athletes, professional teams, and families with children to visitors of conferences, exhibitions, and congresses. ” Website of the hotel   We could experience this.

DXN has been in Europe for more than 9 years. We enjoy the blessings what the DXN products and this business have brought into our life.
We feel, that together we can do a miracle!
The slogan of this camp was: Let the game begin!

The master of Ceremony was Dr. Rajesh Savera  Lifestyle Coach and Ayurveda Physician.
Here you can watch the beginning of the 6. European DXN Leadership Camp with the European Flags. 

The program of the 6. European DXN Leadership Camp Slovakia 2018 – Day 1

  • Opening speech from Jijith NK, the International Marketing Director of DXN
  • We could hear the message of Dr. Lim – the CEO of DXN – to the European DXN members. And we could also buy this new book: “My journey with DXN.
  • The European Regional Coordinator, Mr. Katona spoke about “How to grow in Europe?”.
  • Finally, we could listen 3 European DXN leaders about their DXN stories and their business strategy.

As always I made short videos, to capture these great moments and share it with others. This is my video about Day 1:

After dinner, we got together in the hall. Speaking about new strategies, share our feelings and we drank the daily Morinzhi with Laszlo Kocso. https://youtu.be/-e1OcvSBV14

The program of the 6. European DXN Leadership Camp Slovakia 2018 – Day 2.

We started this day with a Zen meditation with Dr. Lim, and then we had a great breakfast. 

We had a great presentation from Huda Tahmaz Gold Diamond from Jordan. She spoke about her success story and the keys of success.
Then HC Teoh, Chief Marketing Officer spoke about the new DXN products and cosmetics.

Here you can watch all these great moments in this video:

In the afternoon there were water activities and competition between the groups of each nation. This part was full of with fun

In the evening we made group photos in the sunset at the big metal horse, and we had a great gala dinner full of with surprises. And imagine who wins in the competition? Of course our group!

The program of the 6. European DXN Leadership Camp Slovakia 2018 – Day 3.

Edilia Garcia the first Latin American Woman DXN Crown Ambassador shared her journey to the TOP with pleasure. I really loved her presentation and I am so happy that there were more woman speakers at this event.

Then I had a speech, and I spoke about: What does it mean to be a DXN leader?
Everyone wants to become a successful DXN leader, because of the advantages. Thanks to DXN we can take part in wonderful trips every year. We have time and money, for those people and activity that are really important for us, so we can live a truly free life.
Is this true? Yes, most of it. It’s a part of it, but this is not the whole picture.

Leadership has to be undertaken as a conscious decision. Only because you have downlines, you won’t be a leader. You need to improve continuously in many areas. It’s very important to improve professional skills, such as in network marketing skills, communication, and online marketing.
But the only way for you to become a successful leader is to become a better person and to take care of your self-development, as much as your leadership skills.
And we deep dived into the DXN leader’s different shades. (You can watch it with English and Hungarian subtitles too.)

After my speech, there was a birthday celebration of a Hungarian Gold Diamond lady, and then other European DXN leaders and Prajith Pavithran, the Regional President of American Regio gave us inspiration. You can watch these great moments in this video:

Many of the leaders go home after the camp, but I stayed there with my family for one more night. During the evening walking, we meet with Mr. Jijith and Mr. Prajith, and I had the opportunity to record this message to the European leaders: 

We had an amazing great time together. Thank you so much for all the organizers, participants, and everybody, who take part in this.
Meet you at the next camp!
Let’s play that game!

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New DXN Diamonds in our team

New DXN Diamonds in our team

New DXN Diamonds

With DXN a lot of dreams come true. This has happened again and again, I feel this every day.

My new DXN Diamonds are Bojtos Zoltán and Bojtos-Sváb Csilla, a wonderful couple, who live in Austria. One of the great treasure is, that I get know this wonderful couple and we become really good friends, and now they become DXN Diamonds.

dxn diamonds austria

There is a long, but truly beautiful journey behind them, and  there is much ahead of them yet.

The secret to this business is not only to think and plan, but to get started and do it.
The diamond level does not mean that as of now they may lean back and do nothing.
For them, the diamond level is a significant stop on the way.
An look-out tower from where they can see further.
This level of business is a bridge. A bridge, which connects their old life with the new one.

Just watch their DXN Diamond video, what they made by themself – and you will get know their story, their creativity, their passion and real commitment to DXN:

Their Hungarian DXN homepage: http://www.kaveplusz.hu/az_en_tortenetem
Their DXN Austria homepage: http://fitnesskaffee.at/my_story
Their English DXN homepage: http://fine.wellnesscoffee.eu/my_story
Their German DXN homepage: http://dxnganodermakaffee.at/

6-7. September 2014, we had a wonderful 2 days long seminar in Tihany. There were really good presentations, so as Csilla and Zoltan has a great one. We received also our new pins, Csilla and Zoli get DXN Diamond pin, and for us, because they are our third direct DXN Diamonds, we received DXN Executive Senior Star Diamond pin. They printed it in a really big siz, so you can check how is it looks like.

dxn diamonds austria 3

Good fortune dances with thowse who enter the dancefloor.

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Happy 20th Anniversary DXN!

Happy 20th Anniversary DXN!

Let’s celebrate 20th Anniversary DXN! 1993 – 2013

Several DXN members come together from all over the world to celebrate together this wonderful event in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 17. November, 2013.

Just check out this video and enjoy the show, how happy was everybody to being part of the huge DXN family and also this great moment, the 20th anniversary DXN.

There were special programmes and all DXN Crown Ambassadors come together:

There were also a very nice and special couple, our European leaders – who are the fastest DXN Crown Ambassador in DXN’s history, they reached it in 5 years. They are great friends of us, and a really good exampler. We are following them on the path of DXN success.

The source of the picture – click for the link

You can watch their presentation on the 20th Anniversary DXN:


Dr. Lim the CEO of DXN: “20 years ago, when we started DXN, we started a dream. So we dreamed to be free – free from disease, free from financial problem… now we are living this dreams…” You can watch the whole message in this video:

You can see on this picture Dr. Lim with his wife and with DXN Crown Ambassadors on the 20th Anniversary DXN:

Happy 20th Anniversary DXN! Say Hello to Freedom!

Next to the celebration DXN leaders had time for some rest at wonderful places, and also had possibility to work as they really love to do it. 🙂 Remember on that: if you love your job, you never need to work again, this could be your lifestyle too.

This is the real DXN lifestyle and DXN online business building:
Source of the photo

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New DXN Song: See You At The Top in DXN

New DXN Song: See You At The Top in DXN

new DXN song

New DXN Song 1.: 

See You At The Top in DXN (DXN 20th Anniversary Theme Song)

Listen it here: [sc_embed_player fileurl=”http://www.dxn2u.com/gallery/song/See-You-at-The-Top-in-DXN(high-quality).mp3″]

Lyrics of the New DXN Song:

I am searching for the light
I am looking for a guide
To end the sleepless night
To live in debtless life

For the absolute wellness
For the financial freedom
That’s a global family
Caring for you and me

With love and care
We share the way of health
With faith and trust
We build the way of wealth

One World One Market
We are getting connected
Stay focus in One Mind
In unity we work and strive

Say hello to the rising sun
Good Morning to everyone
Say hello to freedom
See you at the top in DXN

One World One Market
We are getting connected
Stay focus in One Mind
In unity we work and strive

Don’t look left don’t look right
But look straight into DXN
Say hello to freedom
See you at the top in DXN

Say hello to freedom
See you at the top in DXN


New DXN Song Karaoke Music Video:

I made a video with this song about our DXN Spanish Seminar and about some wonderful day. Just watch it:


New DXN Song 2.:

Say Hello to The Rising Sun

Listen it here: [sc_embed_player fileurl=”http://www.dxn2u.com/gallery/song/Say-Hello-to-The-Rising-Sun(high-quality).mp3″]

Marching forwards with passion and with pride
Being healthy and having cheerful life
That’s the dream everyone can realise
Simplicity rules the world

Hand in hand we sow the seeds of hope
Building friendship with love and with trust
Flying high and we could touch the sky
Making changes for mankind

We have found the way of health
The way of endless wealth
With happiness and joyous smile
Let’s come and sing together

Say hello to the rising sun
Big goodbye to the darkness night
Say hello to freedom

It’s the way we work and strive
One World One Market and One Mind
With our hearts we say thank you

You may download the new DXN songs here as ringtone.

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DXN Seminar in Texas – USA: Houston & Seguin

DXN Seminar in Texas – USA: Houston & Seguin

Welcome to a DXN Seminar in Texas by Prajith Pavithran the regional DXN Manager of America!

” What I am most proud of is that DXN has continuously conquered challenges. In the past, the present, and most definitely in the future when they come. DXN has stood triumphantly against the many tests of hardships. Through these years, DXN was able to establish its reputation as a true world-class corporate entity. Surely the path towards a successful venture is never easy but we have dealt with challenges considering it as an opportunity to grow and excel in DXN. I can assure you that if struggles present themselves, DXN’s exciting opportunities will take hold.
Likewise in order for you to become successful, what is important is that you should have a commitment to be progressive, courage to be aggressive and most importantly , be willing to take up challenges and be a winner in DXN. ”

Mr. Prajith Pavithran
Country Manager

dxn texas houston usa seminar

Just be ready for success! If you want to reach health, wealth and happiness!

Join our DXN Seminar in Texas: 2,3 & 4, August, 2013. !


  • You could learn how to be successful person in DXN and how can you enjoy physical and mental health and success with DXN!
  • Real testimonies
  • You could taste delicious DXN combination products
  • You could meet with already successful people in DXN!
  • You could learn about ganotherapy and his benefits!
  • And much more surprises!

You are honorable invited! Free entries and everybody welcome – members and non-members too!

August 2, 2013 DXN Seminar in Texas:  Houston 
Mi Pueblo “Flea Market”
8103 Airline Dr.
Houston TX, 77037
BY authorized Service Center – Adriana

August 3, 2013 DXN Seminar in Texas: Houston – Countryard by Mariott Hotel
9190 Gulf Freeway
Houston, Texas, 77017
By authorized Service Center – Ana Soto – Caroline Villanueva – Diana Hernandez

August 4, 2013 DXN Seminar in Texas: Seguin
2993 Prairie Bluff
Seguin Texas, 78155
By Diana Hernandez – Rozario Hernandez –  Caroline Villanueva
832-921-9012 or 832-885-6000


Here is a message from Mr. Prajith Pavithran – Say Hello to Freedom Video:

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