DXN USA Monthly Promotion: February – 2015

DXN USA Monthly Promotion: February – 2015

DXN USA monthly promotion for February, 2015

Receive a  FREE Gym bag with ANY purchase of:
– two (2) Potenzhi bottles (30/90),
– three (3) Bee Pollen bottles,
– or three (3) Chubby Baby Oil bottles.

This DXN USA monthly promotion is valid from February 1. –  February 28, 2015 or until supplies last.

dxn usa promotion 2015 february


What You need to know about DXN Potenzhi:
– Specially formulated with 9 pure herb extracts.
– Contains highest potency and quality of Eurycoma longifolia Jack (Tongkat Ali) and Butea superba extracts.
– Further reinforced with seven precious herb extracts which includes Ganoderma, Cordyceps, black pepper, celery, green tea, root of lalang and stem of kayu secang.
– Strict quality control in each product.


PROBLEM: Chaffing, dry skin, flaking and irritation
SOLUTION:DXN Chubby Baby Oil
– Made with HIGHEST grade mineral oil infused with Vitamin E, wheatgerm, Vitamin B, and rosemary.
– Removes eye make-up, softens rough dry skin.
– For daily use, suitable for all ages.


What is DXN Bee Pollen? Be healthy with DXN Bee Pollen!
– Dietary Supplement helps to maintain and promote overall health.
– Excellent source of Vitamin B complex, protein, minerals, amino acids and enzymes.
– No chemical additives and preservatives.

How to buy DXN products cheaper on distributor price?

Join DXN from USA with valid social security card:

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DXN USA New DXN Products Launch

DXN USA New DXN Products Launch

Have you tried our NEW DXN products?

Receive a FREE gift just for trying it out!

New Product Launch Promotion . Buy any one of our New Products (Cream Coffee, Morinzhi, and Vegi Cleen) and get a FREE DXN Red Lunch Box while supples last, so hurry and get yours NOW!


DXN Cream Coffee is made from the highest quality instant coffee and Ganoderma mushroom extract. It does not contain sugar, but contains a herbal replacement of the cream, which gives it a delicate, silky flavor. Recommended for those who want to reduce sugar intake.DXN-Cream-Coffee-USA

Do you like Roselle? Do you like Morinzyme? Then you’ll LOVE MORINZHI! A combination of BOTH of your favorite beverages! Free item with purchase!
Morinzhi is a nutritional botanical beverage specially formulated from Morinda citrifolia and is enriched with Roselle. Morinda citrifolia (Noni) has been traditionally used as health drink among the folks in South Pacific region. Morinzhi juice is rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.


DXN Aloe.V Series
Here comes a collection of

  • Cleansing Gel
  • Hydrating Toner
  • Aqua Gel
  • Nutricare Cream
  • Hand and Body Lotion
  • Facial Scrub
  • Hydrating Mask

The range of product is specially formulated using Aloe Vera Extract with a blend of other beneficial botanical extracts to hydrate and soothe skin while preventing a breakdown of the skin´s protective barrier and restoring skin radiance.


A Biodegradable and environmentally friendly natural produce washer.
Receive a FREE gift when you TRY it today!
The primary cleansing substance in DXN Vegi Cleen is derived from corn and coconut oil. This biodegradable substance helps remove/clean the wax, soil and agricultural chemical residue from your fruits and vegetables. It also helps to slow down the oxidation process on your farm produce. So with this environment safe product, you can enjoy fresh tasting fruits and vegetables. Without a doubt, clean food just tastes better!


Here you can find the newest DXN order form with the new DXN products: http://dxnganodermacoffee.us/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/NewDXNorderform20140801.pdf

Send in the DXN Order form by fax (Fax: 909-348-0189)  or mail (E-Mail: sales@dxnusa.com).

Here you can find the newest DXN Distributor price list: http://dxnganodermacoffee.us/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/Newdistributorpricelist20140801EN.pdf

Here you can find the newest DXN Retail price list: http://dxnganodermacoffee.us/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/Newretailpricelist20140801EN.pdf

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DXN USA Promotion from November 1st to December 31st, 2013

DXN USA Promotion from November 1st to December 31st, 2013

DXN USA Promotion
Experience this great opportunity to expand your organization!

Super Sponsor  DXN USA Promotion for holiday season from November 1st to December 31st, 2013. Be our super sponsor and earn a Grand Reward of  $500.00 as DXN Product Voucher and many other gifts (DXN T-shirt, DXN Cap, and DXN Key Chain)!

Join our simple DXN USA Super Sponsor Promotion by sponsoring five (5) new distributors (Direct Line) with 100PPV each during promotional period. Sponsor has to maintain 100PPV for both months to qualify.

DXN USA Super Sponsor promotion

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DXN Cordyceps Cereal

Click to enlarge for promotion

Holiday Promotion — Save $44.00 – Cordyceps Cereal!
Enjoy your day with DXN Cordyceps Cereal which contains oats, wheat and added with Cordyceps extract. With the great chocolate flavor, Cordyceps Cereal is an excellent choice of dietary fiber for everyone that can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere.
Buy two (2) boxes of Cordyceps Cereal and get one (1) box FREE.

Offer valid from November 1st to December 31st, 2013, or while supplies last.
Purchase must be made in one invoice.
One promotion per distributor, cannot be combined with other promotions.
Free product carries no PV/SV.

DXN Zhi Cafe Classic

Click to see the promotion

New Product Launch Promotion — Save $13.20 – Zhi Cafe Classic!
Zhi Café Classic is a coffee beverage uniquely  blended with the finest roasted coffee beans, Ganoderma extract and sugar. It gives you a mild
smooth, sweet taste with fresh roasted aroma. Coffee is packed individually in small sachets for instant satisfaction and everyday use convenience
Buy three (3) boxes of Zhi Cafe Classic and get one (1) box FREE.

Offer valid from November 1st to December 31st, 2013, or while supplies last.
Purchase must be made in one invoice.
One promotion per distributor, cannot be combined with other promotions.
Free product carries no PV/SV.

DXN Chubby Baby oil

Click to enlarge the promotion

New Product Launch Promotion — Save $7.40 – DXN Chubby Baby Oil!
DXN Chubby Baby Oil is made with the highest grade mineral oil. It is a mild and gentle oil perfect for use after a bath or shower to help keep moisture in the skin. Use daily to help seal moisture and to help prevent dryness.
Buy two (2) bottles of DXN Baby Chubby Oil and get one (1) box FREE.

Free product carries no PV/SV.
Offer valid from November 1st to December 31st, 2013 or while supplies last.
Purchase must be made in one  invoice.
One promotion per distributor, cannot be combined with other promotions.

DXN USA Christmas Promotion 
Free DXN Tumbler and Gift Wrap kit with one single invoice purchase of 100 PPV or more via online or US office. Offer valid from November 1st to December 31st, 2013 or while supplies last.

Holiday_prmotion_flyer_ing_out copy

Buy DXN products from the USA: http://dxnganodermacoffee.us/buy-dxn-products

Join to DXN for distributos prices and many more…: http://dxnganodermacoffee.us/join-dxn

DXN USA website

DXN USA website

Daxen Inc. is pleased to announce the launch of our fully-featured redesigned DXN USA website.

The DXN USA website has a fresh new look that is both easy to navigate and focus on making the important information promoptly accessible. Start navigating today by login to www.dxnusa.com.

DXN USA website

Features to the new DXN USA website includes:

  • Allows faster accest to visitors on information about Daxen Inc., Ganoderma, Products and MLM business
  • Offers more interactive interface, and the environment is more media rich with HQ videos.
  • Simple yet very attractive layout.
  • Direct acces to AutoTrack System in one click.
  • News and events section with latest promotions, all activities of the Company and MLM industry.
  • Media section providing you with latest videos, photos, and Distributir tools to help our Distributors to achieve more success in doing DXN Business.
  • Business section shows the summary of DXN Compensation Plan and opportunities.

In conjustion to Daxen Inc.’s corporate website launching, we are pleased to announce the launching of DXN Distributor Replicated DXN USA Website. The replicated website features unique web address to each active Independent Distributor.

This will embrace the new era of prospecting, show case your business venture, to make interested members join your network, product order and many more.

Most importantly, it will save your time, money and energy.

So go ahead and begin Networking with us.

Our DXN USA website is avaible here >>> Click 

Join DXN USA with valid social security card here. Use our DXN sponsor code: 310007879 
Join DXN US system! Sponsor’s ID: 310007879

Or just fill out this application form: http://dxnusa.com/en/pdf/forms/USEnDistributorApplication.pdf
Sponsor name: Istvan Farago  Sponsors’ ID: 310007879

Join DXN Worldwide! Use our DXN sponsor code: 310007879

Don’t forget to get in touch with me for more help and information!

See you at the Top!

If you would like to use DXN Distributor Replicated Website in Europe, where you can edit: my story, blog and contact – just  join to me. This homepage is avaible in 15 langauges, and you can use the webshops in Europe: http://dxnganodermacoffee.com/business_opportunity

And if you live in Australia, you also have the possibility to have a homepage like this: http://www.dxnaus.com.au/replicate/repl_form.php
More information: http://dxnganodermacoffee.com/blog-2013-07-12-Join_to_me_from_Australia


DXN Seminar in Texas – USA: Houston & Seguin

DXN Seminar in Texas – USA: Houston & Seguin

Welcome to a DXN Seminar in Texas by Prajith Pavithran the regional DXN Manager of America!

” What I am most proud of is that DXN has continuously conquered challenges. In the past, the present, and most definitely in the future when they come. DXN has stood triumphantly against the many tests of hardships. Through these years, DXN was able to establish its reputation as a true world-class corporate entity. Surely the path towards a successful venture is never easy but we have dealt with challenges considering it as an opportunity to grow and excel in DXN. I can assure you that if struggles present themselves, DXN’s exciting opportunities will take hold.
Likewise in order for you to become successful, what is important is that you should have a commitment to be progressive, courage to be aggressive and most importantly , be willing to take up challenges and be a winner in DXN. ”

Mr. Prajith Pavithran
Country Manager

dxn texas houston usa seminar

Just be ready for success! If you want to reach health, wealth and happiness!

Join our DXN Seminar in Texas: 2,3 & 4, August, 2013. !


  • You could learn how to be successful person in DXN and how can you enjoy physical and mental health and success with DXN!
  • Real testimonies
  • You could taste delicious DXN combination products
  • You could meet with already successful people in DXN!
  • You could learn about ganotherapy and his benefits!
  • And much more surprises!

You are honorable invited! Free entries and everybody welcome – members and non-members too!

August 2, 2013 DXN Seminar in Texas:  Houston 
Mi Pueblo “Flea Market”
8103 Airline Dr.
Houston TX, 77037
BY authorized Service Center – Adriana

August 3, 2013 DXN Seminar in Texas: Houston – Countryard by Mariott Hotel
9190 Gulf Freeway
Houston, Texas, 77017
By authorized Service Center – Ana Soto – Caroline Villanueva – Diana Hernandez

August 4, 2013 DXN Seminar in Texas: Seguin
2993 Prairie Bluff
Seguin Texas, 78155
By Diana Hernandez – Rozario Hernandez –  Caroline Villanueva
832-921-9012 or 832-885-6000


Here is a message from Mr. Prajith Pavithran – Say Hello to Freedom Video:

Be the part of this success! Join DXN now!