The background story of Daily Morinzhi Project with Laszlo Kocso – the fastest DXN Crown Ambassador of DXN.

The first project was started 2. December 2016. Laszlo Kocso shared some good advice and positive thoughts with his direct leaders, and after that, he drank one bottle Morinzhi. He made this for 100 days. They made a very funny and interesting video from those, you can watch this now here:

We can watch this video first time on the I. European DXN Summit, 14. May in Budapest. Laszlo Kocso had a great presentation about: “How to achieve passive income in MLM business?” But before he started, he invited 10 volunteers on the stage and they did something together. Watch the video!

This was the first time when more than 10 people drink DXN Morinzhi on the stage.

In December 2017 – on his 50th birthday, Laszlo Kocso decided to start this project again.

So from that day Daily Morinzhi Project 2. started and he drinks one bottle DXN Morinzhi every day.

On the 15th day, he gave us a challenge. Next week he travel to Milan to drink Morinzhi together with his Italian DXN members. We needed to make a guess in a comment, how many people will drink a bottle of Morinzhi with him. The answers was: 100, 52, 47, 30 and mine is: 15. You can watch this in this video:

I was really waiting for that day, to check who has the best guess. You can watch it here,

So mine was the closest, so I asked him, what is my prize. And the answer was: A Morinzhi and we can drink it together.

Oh, this was a great challenge, I would need to practice, I have never drunk any DXN Morinzhi earlier in 20 seconds. Just check this video if I could make it.


Daily Morinzhi

Daily Morinzhi with Laszlo Kocso


Laszlo Kocso was really nice, that he opened the Morinzhi for me.

It was a great experience, I fall in love with Morinzhi. It’s tasty and I felt huge energy after I drank it.

Of course, you do not need to drink the whole bottle for one sip and in 12-20 seconds.

You may consume it like this: put 10-30 ml Morinzhi in a glass of water, 1-3 times daily. 



After that, I had the opportunity the make an interview with him. He gave us great advice how should we consume Morinzhi. You can watch it here with English subtitle.

What is Morinzhi?

DXN Morinzhi

DXN Morinzhi is formulated from fresh Morinda Citrifolia (known as Noni fruit).

It is processed through stringent supervision and control to ensure that it is 100% pure and natural whilst preserving its beneficial nutrients.

With precise control and monitoring, DXN ensures to deliver only the highest quality of products.

Enjoy DXN Morinhzi now with your loved ones for good health and lives full of vitality!



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