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Introducing the Fast Track Income Plan DXN USA:

FTIP launches three (3) NON PV/SV product packages with instant rebate of 5%, recruitment rebate of 15% for 1st generation downline purchase and group development rebate up to 5th generation.

Distributor must maintain 30PPV / 100PV with FTIP package purchase to qualify. Daxen Inc. reserves the rights to change the package contents or rebate plan.

Excellent Opportunity for:

  • All Existing Members
  • New Recruits and Prospects
DXN USA Fast Track Income Plan

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Join DXN USA with valid social security card here. Use our DXN sponsor code: 310007879
Join DXN US system!

Or just fill out this application form: http://dxnusa.com/en/pdf/forms/USEnDistributorApplication.pdf
Sponsor name: Istvan Farago  Sponsor code: 310007879

Join DXN Worldwide! Use our DXN sponsor code: 310007879

Don’t forget to get in touch with me for more help and information!

You may join to DXN US system on 4 different ways:

1. Original DXN registration – Purchase a DXN membership Kit – 43$

  • One bottle of RG30 DXN Ganoderma
  • One bottle of GL30 DXN Ganoderma

2. Fast Track Income plan DXN USA

A. Complete Supplement Pack: 506$

  • Reishi Gano 360
  • Ganocelium 360
  • Spirulina 360
  • Potenzhi 90
  • Cordyceps 60
  • Zhi Mint Plus
  • Cordyceps Cereal
  • Spirulina Cereal
  • Bee Pollen

B. Premium Beverage Pack: 500.8$

C. Beauty Care Pack: 502.7$

dxn usa packages


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