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DXN USA online order on retail or distributor price

DXN USA online order

DXN USA online order information. Buy DXN products online from the DXN USA Webshop.
On retail price without registration or on distributor price as DXN member.

Buy DXN products on retail price:

Retail online webshop: http://www.dxnusa.com/web/?310007879&DXNSUCCESS
Shipping and handling fee is $ 7.95 with retail orders.
Why is it worth to join DXN?
You can buy DXN products cheaper, on distributor price, whis means about 30% discount.
Shipping and handling fee is $ 5.00 for DXN members.

DXN USA online order

How to become DXN member from the USA?
DXN does not make a distinction between the registrations of consumers, returning customers and business builders.
It’s up to you what would you like to do with it, it’s your decision.

  • Buy the highest quality ganoderma products with 20-30% discount – Most effective at affordable prices  or
  • Seizing Global Business Opportunity – Low Investment with Unlimited Income

Step by step user guide to join DXN USA with pictures >>>

Or here is our video tutorial.
A. Do you live in the USA and do you have a valid social security card?
If yes, watch this video:

Step by step:

  1. Become US member >>>
  2. US Member Activation >>>
  3. US Member Log In >>> After this you can use DXN USA online order on member price.

You can buy a membership kit- 43 USD.
Or join the IOC Program and place an 270 USD order. More info about DXN IOC>>>

B. Do you live in the USA, but not as a US citizen?
How can you use (register and order) the DXN US System?

Step by step:

  1. Become Foreign New DXN member >>>
  2. Foreign Member Activation >>>You will receive the password in 24 hours.
    Please check the spam folder, maybe it goes there.
  3. Foreign Member Log In >>> After this you can use DXN USA online order on member price.

DXN Products Information:
More DXN Ganoderma Information >>>
More DXN Ganoderma Coffee Information >>>
More DXN Products Information >>>

Official DXN USA Office datas are:
565 Brea Canyon Road, Suite B
Walnut, CA 91789
Phone: 909-348-0188
Fax: 909-348-0189
E-Mail: sales@dxnusa.com

DXN sponsor’s contact information >>> 

I wish to be a positive example for those who wish to succeed in similar fields of operation. I build my enterprise from heart and with passion, which mostly consists of how I can constantly improve and help others as well towards a better life. I would like to prove that with the right attitude, know-how, strong faith and hard work we can reach goals we truly deserve.

  1. I Only want 2 know the different types of coffee products and how much they would be. I do not want to do the business. Thank you for your time, Kevin

    • Dear Kevin,
      Here you can find the description of DXN Coffees: http://dxnganodermacoffee.us/dxn-ganoderma/dxn-ganoderma-coffee
      This is the actual pricelist:
      DP: Distributor price RP: Retail price
      DXN Black Coffee: DP:US$ 15.90 RP:US$ 22.30
      DXN Lingzhi Coffee 3 in 1 DP:US$ 15.90 RP:US$ 23.80
      DXN Lingzhi Coffee 3 in 1 Lite: DP: US$ 15.90 RP:US$ 23.80
      DXN Cream Coffee: DP:US$ 17.00 RP:US$ 25.50
      DXN Cordyceps Coffee: DP:US$ 16.60 RP: US$ 24.90
      DXN White Coffee Zhino: DP:US$ 20.00 RP:US$ 30.00
      DXN Vita Cafe: DP:US$ 20.00 RP:US$ 30.00
      DXN Cocozhi: DP:US$ 21.60 RP: US$ 32.40
      Shipping fee: Free in March,2016 for DXN members.
      Retail price: $7.95
      DXN does not make a distinction between the registrations of consumers, returning customers and business builders.
      You do not need to build the business, if you do not want to, you can simple enjoy the DXN coffees.
      Here you can read how to join from the USA: http://dxnganodermacoffee.us/dxn-usa/join-dxn-usa
      If you have any more question, please let us know.

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