DXN L-Vegmix is a dried, dehydrated vegetable soup mix of leeks, tomatoes, dates and ginger with no sodium, additives and preservatives.

DXN L-Vegmix is a great time saver since it has already been cut and is ready to cook.

It is recommended to cook DXN L-Vegmix using the DXN Smart Pot as you can get a healthy vegetable soup on the table in a flash with just one touch.

You should check if DXN Smart Pot is available in your country or you can use any pot.

DXN L-VegmixIngredients: Dehydrated Leek, Tomato, Dates, and Ginger

Direction of use:

  • Place a sachet of DXN L-Vegmix into your pot or your DXN Smart Pot.
  • Add 900 ml (30 oz) water and cook for 20 minutes

Let’s eat healthy in just 20 minutes with the quick and easy vegetable soup, DXN L-Vegmix!

Serving size: 27 g, what is 84 kcal
Packaging Size: 10 packs x 27g

What is important to know about L-Vegmix:

  1. This isn’t a delicious ordinary instant soup with many artificial flavor enhancer. There isn’t any salt in it, just vegetables. So the taste is absolutely natural, and maybe it could be a little bit strange taste, but your body and stomach will be grateful for it. 
  2. This is a kind of ayurvedic soup and has similar effects as Guizhi Soup. Here I found an article about this: http://www.acupuncture123.ca/E11_Guizhi_tang_edmonton.html It’s written we recommended this to those people, who are easy to have sweat and often feel cold and feel tired. They are often weak physically.
  3. Consume it hot!

Where can you buy it?

It’s available in many countries like USA, Australia, Malaysia, Europe and many Asian countries.
Here you can find order information >>>
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You may make it by yourself, here is a recipe and a video from one of our friends:

You need to find good quality vegetables and there would be a little bit more work to be done.

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