DXN Life Magazine Online – Issue 2
DXN Life Magazine Online

The content of the second issue of DXN Life Magazine Online – European Edition

  • A welcome letter from Dato’ Dr. Lim Siow Jin
    “DXN; the world’s largest Ganoderma MLM company! We are now expanding our global market coverage to all regions thanks to the contribution and effort of the DXN family. This tremendous achievement will definitely motivate and spur us to move forward.”
  • A letter from Mr. Jijith Nk
    “Last seven years have been colorful and eventful for DXN in Europe. Though DXN has been operational in the world market since 1993, we could make a stable footing into Europe only in the year 2009. Since then, DXN was making steady progress and has opened branches in all key markets of Europe in a very short span of time.”
  • Interview with Tündi Czérna and Szabolcs Czérna
  • Restart day tour with Laszlo Kocso
  • Interview with Jane Yau
    Every DXN member has heard about Jane Yau, our lovely and always ready to help Ganotheraphy
  • A very successful DXN meeting in Sicily
  • Proudly presenting the DXN office in Slovakia
    Have you ever wondered who is answering your mails or who is preparing your order of DXN products?
    Or how does it feel to work for DXN not as a business builder but in the office? We decided to meet the
    faces and the places that give an essential support to the European networkers’s business, starting with
    the Slovakian office
  • Ganoderma lucidum
    Start on the road to better health with Reishi Mushroom!
    Reishi (Ganoderma lucidum), a herbal mushroom, has a long history of use for promoting health and
    longevity in China, Japan, and other Asian countries. Reishi mushroom has been called “God’s herb”
    for over 2000 years in China as it is known to have miraculous health benefits. In China, Ganoderma
    lucidum is called ‘Lingzhi’, whereas in Japan the name for the Ganoderma family is ‘Reishi’.
  • DXN Products focus
  • Interview with Dr. Giuseppe Pinnetta 
    Intergate naturophaty and micotheraphy in the Western medicine? Yes, it is possible! Let Italian
    Pharmacist and Naturopath Dr. Giuseppe Pinnetta who is actively collaborating with DXN tell how
    and why.
  • DXN Slovakia Family day
    DXN is a company where family is a fundamental value. That’s why events like Family Days are so important
    to us, and we try to organize them in every country for the joy of the youngest DXNers as well!
  • Qualified members from Europe 300 PV Club 2015
  • IV. European Leadership Camp Barcelona

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