DXN Life European Edition – Issue 7

DXN Life European Edition


The content of the 7th issue of DXN Life European Edition:

  • Welcome letter from Dato’ Dr. Lim Siow Jin: “As I have always said, nothing is im-
    possible in DXN. You work hard, your contribution pays! The DXN philosophy of „One World One Market“, keeps us united as 1 BIG family so let the remarkable success of the DXN family inspire and encourage you to do better. Be proud of all that you‘ve achieved so far and always remember that your hard effort is the best investment for a bright future in DXN!”
  • Interview with Mr. Miroslav Palatinus: “He is from Slovakia is and one of the oldest members in DXN in his country and he is the true demonstration of the fact that success doesn’t depend on your age. Thanks to DXN he is enjoying his early retired years with his wife and their DXN life is so full of entertainment and travelling that even the younger generations can envy them!”
  • Interview with Mr. Rafael Diaz“He is DXN’s new and America’s first DXN Crown Ambassador. Also, in June we will have the opportunity to meet him and listen to his success story and pieces of advice at the European Leadership Camp by the Lake of Garda. We couldn’t wait until June to interview him and he was happy to answer our questions, so here’s a quick introduction to Mr. Díaz’s story.
  • DXN – Experience like no other. DXN Europe TSI Trip Mediterranean cruise 2016
  • The 3rd Spanish Spring Event
  • The first official DXN event in Portugal
  • 7 years of DXN in Hungary More picture is avaible here.
  • DXN Presentations in the United Kingdom
  • DXN Bangladesh 15th Anniversary & Recognition Nite
  • DXN and me: DXN members send their pictures to us about this topic: “DXN and me”
  • DXN Opening of Turkey 
  • DXN Products Focus: DXN Lingzhi Black Coffee, DXN Spirulina, DXN Ganozhi Shampoo
  • 300 PPV Club 2016
  • Qualified members from Europe
  • DXN Opening of Turkey 

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