We invite you for the VI. European DXN Leadership Camp in Slovakia.

Join us and don’t miss the European DXN event of the year 2018!

The VI. European DXN Leadership Camp will be held on 6-7-8 July 2018 at Hotel X-Bionic Sphere in Slovakia.

Learn from the most successful DXN Diamonds and DXN leaders who come here from all around the world to share their experiences with you!
They help you to dream more, learn more, do more and become more!

Powerful Speakers and Trainers:

  • HC Teoh – Chief Marketing Officer
  • Jijith NK – International Marketing Director of DXN
  • Prajith Pavithran – Regional President American Region
  • József Katona – Regional Coordinator Europe
  • Dr. Rajesh Savera – Lifestyle Coach and Ayurveda Physician, India
  • Edilia Garcia – First Latin American Woman DXN Crown Ambassador, Mexico
  • Huda Tahmaz – Executive Double Diamond, Jordan
  • Faragóné Keserű Judit (yes, this is me) DXN Executive Triple Diamond, Hungary
  • Alena Hlavicová – DXN Executive Triple Diamond, Czech Republic
  • Lorenzo Gnesutta – DXN Senior Star Diamond, Italy
  • Peter Kralicek – DXN Double Diamond, Slovakia
  • Andrzej Kazimierczak – DXN Senior Star Diamond, Poland
  • Kostas Manos – DXN Executive Star Diamond, Greece
  • Carmen Urbano – DXN Executive Star Diamond, Spain
VI. European DXN Leadership Camp

VI. European DXN Leadership Camp

And we are also very happy, that the CEO of DXN – Dr. Lim will join us too.

The conditions for your participation can be found:

Here you can find many details about participation:
€ 350 standard participation fee 
€ 300 “early bird” participation fee up to end of April 
€ 250 for 300PPV club members Jan-Feb-March-April 
€ 150 for qualifiers (2 new directs with min. 100 PV first order and 300PPV in March-April-May or 6 new directs with min. 100 PV first order and 1000 PPV in these 3 months in total).

Participation fees need to be paid to local offices.

Fees include 2 nights hotel accommodation, free of charge swimming pool and sports facilities + meals from Friday dinner till Sunday lunch. On top of it team building activities and lots of fun, learning and lifetime experience.

For more info and details, please ask your local office.

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