I. DXN European Summit and V. DXN European Leadership Camp

We are glad to inform you that
1st DXN European Summit and 8th Anniversary as well as
V. Leadership camp will be held from 14th May 2017 to 17th May 2017 at Millenaris Congress Hall (Building B), Budapest and Hotel Azur, Siofok, Lake Balaton, Hungary respectively.

DXN European Summit
Ticket costs:
European Summit and 8th Anniversary (Includes coffee and snack)
Till Feb 28th 2017- Euro 5
1st March- 30th April- Euro 10

Leadership Camp: (Includes 3 nights accommodation on 14,15,16 and free entry to the European Summit)
Till Feb 28th 2017- Euro 350 inclusive of VAT
1st March – 30th April- Euro 375 inclusive of VAT
300PPV Club members (from Dec 2016 to March 2017) – Euro 320
Further details such as program and speakers etc will be informed shortly.
Please plan your flight to reach Budapest on 14th morning by 9am and depart Budapest after 6pm on 17th May.
In order for members to attend these programs free of cost, a promotional campaign has been designed, details of which are given below.

“5th European Camp Promotion Campaign”
This promotion shall be effective from 1st December 2016 until 31st March 2017 (4 months).
Country of Coverage: (EUROPE)
– Slovakia, Czech Republic, Italy, Spain, Hungary, Romania, Greece, Bulgaria, Austria, Germany, and EU Networkers.
Promotion Mechanism:
1. To have 300ppv each month or 1,500PPV in total during promotion period.
2. To have 15 new members during promotion period:
(i) 5 out of 15 new members should be directly sponsored (1st generation) and each new member must have 300ppv in total during promotion period.
(ii) Balance 10 new members must be from non SD’s downlines with 100PPV each in total during the promotion period.
Note: Non SD refers to the status as of 1st December 2016. Any new members under Star Diamond’s downlines will NOT be considered for promotion qualification.
3. A qualifier will not be considered for his upline’s qualification. Such upline who couldn’t qualify due to downline’s qualification can fulfill the balance requirement in April 2017 and qualify.

Terms & Conditions:
1) Only the newly recruited members and PV made in Europe will be counted.
2) New members who registered in DXN e-World must redeem STARTER KIT within the promotion period in order to be counted in the promotion as new members.
3) Backdate of KIT redemption is NOT allowed after the promotion period.
4) Qualifier will be entitled for free entrance to the 5th Leadership Camp and 1st European summit that will be held in May 2017 in Hungary.
5) DXN reserves the right to change the terms and conditions without prior notice or consent.
Note: Those who have bought the camp ticket early and later qualified in the promotion campaign, ticket cost will be refunded.
For further details –  Please contact the DXN Office of your country.

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