The story of DXN China started years ago.

DXN Kína

DXN Holdings Bhd’s first subsidiary in China was registered in 2015 for a number of reasons:

  • Cultivation and production are done in suitable conditions in the beautiful natural countryside of Ningxia.
    Thanks to large-scale raw material cultivation and manufacturing facilities, it can sell its products at even more marketable prices due to economies of scale.
  • Biotechnological research and development to create unique production methods and new products.
  • The main objective is also to obtain a local direct marketing license, for which strict requirements include a minimum of three years of domestic commercial activity and the sale of locally produced products.

Why should MLM companies operate in China?

1. Massive market: China’s enormous market, with over 1.4 billion people, offers vast opportunities for companies due to the high potential customer base.

2. Growing middle class: China has a rapidly growing middle class with an increasing demand for quality products and services. For companies, this represents a marketable demand. Many people want to move up to a higher class and live better, so many are also open to business opportunities.

3. Direct selling culture:

China has a long history of direct selling. Many MLM companies have huge turnovers and large memberships in China. Many people are open to it, so many companies are trying to enter the Chinese market.

4. Regulatory requirements: Although obtaining a local direct selling license can be challenging, it provides long-term stability and security for businesses and members. Once acquired, companies can operate legally and within regulated frameworks, boosting consumer trust.

5. Digital advantages: China is a global leader in e-commerce and digital payments. Companies can leverage these technological advancements for online sales and online marketing campaigns.

Presentation video of the Chinese DXN factory

DXN China official channels:

DXN registration in China:

It is not yet possible to select China online among the countries during registration, so the documents must be filled out on paper.
If you have a friend living in China and would like to take advantage of this opportunity, I would be happy to share the local office’s relevant steps, documents, and contact information with you if you are in our team or want to join.
If you are already a DXN member, please ask your sponsor or your local office for more information.

On April 13, 2024, László Kócsó DXN Crown Ambassador held a start training in English at Cyberville, Kuala Lumpur, which William (one of our sponsors, Jane Yau ganotherapist’s son translated into Chinese:

The recordings are available on László Kócsó’s DXN MLM YouTube channel:

  1. Sell yourself the business:
  2. Who is your target group?
  3. Your own presentation:
  4. Income optimizing strategy:
    5. What should you do with your new members?
    6. The opportunity you have in your hand:

Since YouTube is not available in China, it has been uploaded to a video sharing site that can also be viewed there:


Whether you want to build your international or local DXN business in China or another country, we are happy to help you with the right information.

Judit Faragóné Keserű and István Faragó ECD

Judit Faragóné Keserű & István Faragó
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