How to order DXN products in Brazil?

We have a good news for DXN Brazil members.

Step 1.

Do you have a DXN ID? Are you a DXN member?

If not – you may join here:
We will be your sponsor – so you can ask for help from us, or send your questions to us…

Or if you already have a sponsor, and you know her/his DXN ID, you can join here to DXN:

Our DXN Sponsor ID is: 310007879  Sponsor name: Farago Istvan

If you already have a DXN ID, or after you received it:

  1. Please activate you DXN member ID in USA system here: Log in – Foreign member activation:
  2. Fill it out with your datas – send message – to submit your request.
  3. You will receive your login ID and Password by email the next business day from DXN USA Office.

Step 2.

  1. Once received your login ID & Password, please place your order and log in the system here:
  2. Purchase your 100 PV PACK and/or IOC PAck


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